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Heroes of the air – Flash interactive

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Heroes of the Air (3.1mb) (requires Flash)
Feel the need to take flight? Experience the journey of Charles Kingsford Smith and his crew on two historic flights.
For 10-12 year olds.


Read through the pages of two battered flight logs and learn about two famous flights made by Charles Kingsford Smith and his aircrew. One is the first trans-Pacific flight in 1928, and the second is the failed trans-Tasman flight of 1935. The flight logs include photographs, archival moving images and audio files.

Examining the flight logs will help you understand how isolated Australia was from 'the rest of the world' (Great Britain, Europe and America) at that time.

Distance, both domestically and internationally, made communications, trade and transport difficult. The courage and vision shown by Kingsford Smith and his copilots helped shape Australia by conquering that distance. Their efforts also made them heroes in the eyes of the public and helped to instil great national pride.

You will collect items from the flight logs in order to make your own multimedia newsreel about the achievements of Australia's early aviators. The newsreel script and images can also be printed.

Objects from the Museum's collection used in the interactive include Charles Ulm's paperweight, a propeller fragment from the Southern Cross, a picture of the Southern Cross, an anniversary mailbag from the first trans-Tasman flight and a suitcase used to recover oil in an aborted trans-Tasman flight.

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