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Emergency at Lonely Creek – Flash interactive

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Emergency at Lonely Creek (954 kb) (requires Flash)

Take yourself back in time to the late 1800s and get emergency help for a camel driver injured in the outback, using communication and transportation methods available at the time.
For 10-12 year olds.


Take yourself back in time to 1890 when people from all over the world worked in the copper mines of the Queensland outback. Camel, horse and cart and trains were the main forms of transport and long distance communication was by telegram or letter.

Your task is to find a doctor to treat a man injured after falling off his camel near Lonely Creek. The camel driver needs urgent medical attention and he is a long way from the nearest doctor. Find out how the doctor can be contacted by exploring the communication and transportation options available, then contact him and send details in the fastest route across the outback to Lonely Creek. Will the doctor make it in time?

After you have found help for the camel driver, jump forward in time to 1935 when new inventions have brought great improvements to communication and transportation. The cattle industry is now booming but being a stockman can be a dangerous job.

This time your task is to get help for a stockman who has fallen from his horse near Lonely Creek. Work out the fastest way to bring a doctor to the stockman using new inventions such as the two-way radio and the aeroplane.