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Australian Versions

Australian Versions

Australians often create their own versions of international words and idioms

Cartoon of a drunken Australian about to take a swim in crocodile infested waters.

Cartoon: David Pope

A Stubby short of a sixpack

Not very bright or clever, not quite 'with it'.

This is an Australian variation of a common international idiom, typically represented by 'a sandwich short of a picnic'. It combines the Australian 'stubby' (a small squat 375 ml bottle of beer) with the borrowed American 'sixpack' (a pack of six cans of beer), demonstrating how readily Australian English naturalises Americanisms.

audio Hear the phrase a stubby short of a sixpack in use (MP3 36kb)

Cartoon of an auction where everything (including Grandma) is being sold off.

Cartoon: David Pope

Economic rationalism

An approach to economic management that allows market forces, such as supply and demand, to direct the economy. This approach typically adopts privatisation, deregulation, 'user pays' and low public spending.

Most Australians are surprised to discover that this is an Australian term.

audio Hear the word economic rationalism in use (MP3 46kb)