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Information and activities in this resource complement the free exhibition Yalangbara: Art of the Djang'kawu. This resource will help you prepare for a visit to the exhibition; it can also be used in the classroom afterward.

Yalangbara: art of the Djang'kawu
Specifically, it introduces and suggests activities around:
  • the 1963 Yirrkala bark petition
  • copyright over cultural designs
  • creation of the Yalangbara environment and the Dhuwa people
  • artists and their work in the exhibition

About the exhibition

Yalangbara: Art of the Djang'kawu is the story of the Djang'kawu, ancestral beings from Burralku who came to Yalangbara, giving birth to the Rirratjingu clan. It is also the story of the Marika family – direct descendants of the Djang'kawu and custodians of the region.

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