Family picnic in the Queensland bush, 1900–10

A black and white picnic scene from the period 1900 - 1910. A large group of children and adults is gathered in among a few trees. Most of the group is seated on what may be a large log. There are six women and two men in the group, along with four girls and seven boys. The women all wear long skirts and long-sleeved tops, as do the girls. The men wear long-sleeved shirts and trousers. The boys wear long-sleeved shirts and knee-length shorts. Some of the boys sit in the branches of a tree to the right of the group. In front of the group are some wooden crates that have been put together to form a table. On them is a tablecloth and plates of food. At the front right of the crates are two large hampers made from woven plant material. A large tea pot sits on the ground in front of the crates. Leaf litter and scattered branches are on the ground in front of the group. In the background of the image are several horses. Two horse-drawn buggies are partly visible at the far left of the image. Beyond the horses are glimpses of open land and clumps of trees on the horizon.
Source: State Library of Queensland (negative no. 39516).

National Museum of Australia

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