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'Sugu Mawa' (Octopus Mask)
A powerful expression of artist Alick Tipoti's Torres Strait Islander heritage.

1866 Melbourne Cup
The earliest known Melbourne Cup in its original state.

1867 Melbourne Cup
One of the earliest Melbourne cups, and a Queen's Plate trophy, won by champion racehorse Tim Whiffler.

AE Smith instruments
A string quartet crafted in Sydney and inspired by European masters.

Agricultural medals
A rare collection linked to the history of agriculture and industry in Australia.

Amelia Campbell's coffee urn
Presented for defending an attack by bushrangers Ben Hall, John Gilbert and John O'Meally in 1863.

Aunty Ivy ‘Life. Be in it’ posters
Material relating to gardening expert Ivy Lovric who inspired 'Aunty Ivy'.

Austin Byrne 'Southern Cross' Memorial collection
Southern Cross Memorial, created by Austin Byrne between 1930 and 1993.

Australian Sketchbook
Popular sketches of life in the 1860s by artist Samuel Thomas Gill.

Autograph quilt
A rare 1890s quilt from Melbourne featuring 650 names, initials and motifs.

Azaria Chamberlain's dress
Illustrates the intense media and public speculation about a baby's disappearance at Ayers Rock.

Balarinji art and design collection
300-plus artworks from John and Ros Moriarty's Indigenous design company.

Bendigo Pottery collection
Domestic and decorative ceramic wares from Australia's oldest working pottery.

Bionic ear prototype
The original prototype cochlear implant and a major advance in the treatment of deafness.

Blaxland clock
Made in London and brought to Australia by the wealthy Blaxland family in the early 1800s.

Bruce Macdonald model train collection
O gauge trains from Australia and New Zealand in the 1930s-1960s.

Burke and Wills collection
Burke's water bottle and other objects linked to the 1861 overland expedition.

Bush pram and dog boots
Customised camping gear used by the Dunphy family on bushwalks in the Blue Mountains in the 1930s.

Cadel Evans cycling collection
Two bicycles belonging to Australia's first Tour de France winner.

Chamberlain trial drawings
A collection of sketches from the high-profile 1982 trial of Lindy and Michael Chamberlain.

Charles Ulm collection
Personal effects linked to the pioneering aviator, who crossed the Pacific with Kingsford Smith in 1928.

Citroen tourer
This distinctive French car, dubbed the little lemon, was the first to travel around Australia.

Convict love tokens
The world's largest collection of convict tokens, a rare personal record of transportation.

Cook's navigational tools
A magnifying glass and plane table frame used by Captain James Cook during his Pacific voyages.

CSIRO WLAN collection
Invention by CSIRO that is the basis for wifi technology and mobile networking.

Daimler landaulette
Used by Queen Elizabeth II on her first official visit to Australia.

Daintree's glass plates
Snapshots of mining and life in 1860s Queensland from geologist and photographer Richard Daintree.

Daisy Bates collection
Clothing, photographs and a first edition book which belonged to the contentious welfare worker.

Delaunay-Belleville tourer
The earliest motor car in the Museum’s collection, first imported to Australia in 1914.

Diana Boyer art collection
Vivid paintings showing the impact of climate change on one woman's life as an artist and a farmer.

Dàn tre musical instrument
A 23-stringed bamboo instrument handcrafted by a Vietnamese refugee.

Elizabeth II 'wattle painting'
William Dargie's celebrated portrait of Queen Elizabeth II.

Ellen Rogers collection
Memorabilia associated with Australian aviation pioneers, Charles Kingsford Smith and Charles Ulm.

Elyne Mitchell's typewriter
A 1936 Corona Four typewriter used by the author of 'The Silver Brumby' and other works.

Emilie Roach equestrian collection
Prized possessions belonging to a champion horsewoman and show-ring jumper.

Endeavour cannon
Recovered from the Great Barrier Reef 200 years after it was jettisoned from Cook's 'Endeavour'.

Ernabella Arts collection
Silk batiks and ceramic works from one of Australia's longest running Aboriginal arts organisations.

Ernie Old's Malvern Star bicycle
A road racing bike owned by the champion long distance cyclist.

Essendon milk cart
This horsedrawn cart was used by Lincoln Park Dairy from the 1940s to 1987.

Essington Lewis Holden
Owned by BHP manager and industrialist Essington Lewis, an early supporter of the Holden car.

Expo Mark II sound chair
A Featherston design linked with Australia's contribution to the 1967 Montreal world exhibition.

Faith Bandler's gloves
Worn while lobbying for recognition of Aboriginal Australians in the 1967 Referendum campaign.

Farm Life quilt
Made by teenager Nettie McColive while growing up on an isolated SA dairy farm in the 1930s.

First Fleet table
A 1790s Pembroke work table made in England with a veneer of Australian timber.

Four world maps
Beautiful pre-16th century maps illustrating the history of the Great South Land.

Fred Hollows collection
Portable ophthalmology equipment used in remote communities by the renowned eye surgeon.

George Hamilton horse welfare collection
Two mid-19th century publications arguing for better conditions for horses.

Goolagong tennis collection
Wimbledon trophies and racquets belonging to Evonne Goolagong Cawley.

Governor King's snuffbox
Presented to Governor Philip Gidley King in 1801 and connected to key Australian colonial figures.

Harry Clarke's penny-farthing bicycle
An 1884 bicycle owned by champion penny-farthing racer Harry Clarke.

Heidelberg dress
A girl's costume handmade during the Depression to promote her father's availability for work.

Hetherington doll's house
A mother's gift to her daughter, complete with miniature furnishings and figurines.

Holden Prototype Car No. 1
The definitive model for millions of cars and the sole survivor of three test sedans shipped to Australia.

Holey dollar
A rare example of Australia's first minted currency.

Hubert Opperman's beret
Beret worn by ‘Oppy’ throughout his life as a tribute to the French for their support of his cycling prowess.

Hurley's movie camera
A 35-millimetre camera used by Frank Hurley in Antarctica and the Middle East.

Jack Howe's shears
A mechanical shearing handpiece presented to champion shearer Jack Howe by the Wolseley company in 1893.

Jackie Huggins collection
An outfit worn by the Aboriginal historian at key moments in the reconciliation campaign.

Jacob Baldwin ability collection
Includes a wheelchair used on the Ability Trek around Australia.

James Ferrier ploughing medal
Ploughing medal won by James Ferrier in 1869.

James Taylor's Light Horse uniform
Owned by farrier James Taylor, who served with the 9th Regiment in Egypt and Palestine.

Jerilderie letter
Bushranger Ned Kelly defends his actions in this political manifesto.

Jim Coyle cycling collection
Memorabilia belonging to a talented amateur cyclist who had his greatest success as a veteran.

Joe McGinness collection
A tuckerbox and wharfies' hook from Aboriginal activist and waterside worker Joe McGuiness.

John Moriarty collection
Precious personal objects from a distinguished cultural and business leader.

Johnny Warren collection
Soccer uniforms, medals and trophies from a champion of football in Australia.

JS Murdoch drawing set
Fifteen drawing instruments in a presentation case owned and used by architect John Smith Murdoch.

Junius Cup
The first known Australian made racing trophy, awarded at the Parramatta races in 1827.

Ken Ross cycling collection
A collection of sporting memorabilia relating to NSW racing cyclist Ken Ross.

Kenya station windmill
A Simplex windmill which stood on a Queensland property for more than 80 years.

Kinchela Boys Home gate
A powerful symbol of the systemic removal of Indigenous children from their families.

Konrads swimming medals
John Konrads' medals and memorabilia from the 1960 Rome and 1956 Melbourne Olympics.

Lane kangaroo collection
More than 150 pieces of kangaroo-inspired Australiana.

Latvian national dress
Migrant Guna Kinne's link with her homeland, sewn by hand over 30 years.

Leichhardt plate and medal
A relic from Ludwig Leichhardt's ill-fated 1848 expedition and a medal awarded by the Royal Society.

Les Darcy locket
A small gold locket worn by Winnie O'Sullivan, sweetheart of Australian boxing legend Les Darcy.

Liz Ellis netball collection
Memorabilia and uniforms owed by former Australian netball team captain Liz Ellis.

Macquarie's sword
Lachlan Macquarie's ceremonial sword, and a celebration of his Scottish heritage.

Marion Sutherland's bicycle
A step-through ladies' safety bike from about 1910, designed by Marion's husband, Arthur.

Martumili Ngurra canvas
Created by six Martu women to tell stories of their country.

Melbourne panorama
A woodblock engraving of Melbourne in about 1875 by artist Thomas Carrington.

Miss Australia crown
The crown awarded to three decades of Miss Australia Quest winners.

Mitchell's duelling pistols
A pair of pistols used by Sir Thomas Mitchell in Australia's last known duelling challenge.

Molly Goodall FJ Holden
A 1950s Holden Special Sedan owned by one woman for 25 years.

Mornington Is headdress
A gift from Aboriginal artist Dick Roughsey, best man at the first white wedding on Mornington Island.

Mount Everest climbing suit
Worn by 1984 Australian Mount Everest expedition team member Geoff Bartram.

Murray-Darling Basin Authority collection
Protest material documenting a community's reaction at a time of great environmental change.

Nelson's dog collar
Linked to a dramatic story of a dog saving a man during a flash flood in a Melbourne street in the 1880s.

Newcastle bakery cart
One of a fleet of horsedrawn vehicles used by the Newcastle & Suburban Co-operative Society from the 1940s.

Norm Wilson PNG collection
A range of objects used by Norm Wilson while working as a patrol officer in Papua New Guinea in the 1960s.

Nowland's mail coach
A Concord coach used in northern New South Wales in the 1880s, and later in several films.

NSW Aboriginal artefacts
Rare boomerangs, clubs and a shield featuring elaborate decorations.

Oscar's sketchbook
A rare record of life in the 19th century as drawn by a young Aboriginal man in Queensland.

Paddle Steamer Enterprise
One of the oldest working paddle steamers in the world.

Paddle steamer model
A scale model of the PS Enterprise created by a descendant of the vessel's original owner and builder.

Papunya collection
Part of a body of work that transformed understandings of Aboriginal art.

Percival Gull plane
One of a few surviving examples of Australian engineer Edgar Percival's most successful aircraft designs.

Peter Heal’s recumbent bicycle
Used to set solo cycling records across and around Australia.

Peter Pan's Melbourne Cup trophy
The 1934 Melbourne Cup trophy won by racehorse Peter Pan.

Phar Lap collection
Includes the unusually large heart of legendary racehorse Phar Lap and items belonging to the jockeys who rode him to victory.

Play School collection
Clocks and the windows from Australia's longest-running children's TV show.

Portable steam engine
Used on a farm bear Yass to power a sheep-shearing plant.

Portrait of Jorrocks
An amateur portrait of Australia's first celebrity racehorse from the 1840s.

Quail's saddlery collection
Furniture, tools and leatherwork from a saddlery run by three generations of the Quail family in Cooma.

Race to the Gold Diggings
An 1850s children's game produced in England after gold was discovered in Australia.

Ranken family coach
One of Australia's oldest surviving horsedrawn vehicles, brought from Scotland by the Rankens in 1821.

RAS Challenge Shield
A trophy linked to the early days of rugby league and star player Dally Messenger.

Reima Miezitis' bicycle
A modified Roadmaster bicycle used by a Tasmanian woman in the 1940s and 1950s.

Richards cricket collection
Cricket gear used by champion players including Rod Marsh, Greg Chappell and Wally Grout.

Riding Hood wall-hanging
A handmade wall-hanging which illustrates a powerful story of postwar migration.

Saw Doctor's wagon
Harold Wright's remarkable home and workshop for 30 years.

September 11 Australian flag
An Australian flag retrieved from the ruins of the World Trade Center.

Sergeant Steele's sword
A ceremonial sword presented to Sergeant Arthur Steele on the capture of bushranger Ned Kelly.

Shellwork Harbour Bridge
Made by Esme Timbery in the Indigenous tradition of making shellwork artefacts in Sydney.

Snowy Scheme collection
Tools, models and memorabilia from one of Australia's greatest engineering feats.

Southern Cloud clock
A clock salvaged from the 'Southern Cloud' wreck, the site of Australia's first major civil air disaster.

Sparkes cup
A 19th century solid silver goblet awarded to Australian bare knuckle boxer William Sparkes.

Story of the Women's Camp
A large Papunya painting by Anatjari Tjakamarra, depicting a journey in a desert landscape.

Sundowner Bean car
Driven by adventurer Francis Birtles in record-breaking overland car journeys of the 1920s.

Tasmanian shell necklaces
Part of an unbroken cultural tradition, made by by Tasmanian Aboriginal elder Aunty Dulcie Greeno.

Tasmanian bark canoe
A stunning example of the type of canoe made by Aboriginal people in the 19th century.

Taylor's glider replica
A full-size replica of the biplane glider used in Australia's first successful heavier-than-air flight.

The skin and body of a Tasmanian tiger, or thylacine, collected shortly before the species became extinct.

Toy pig
A treasured toy pig won by a girl on the way to meeting her father after the Second World War.

Toy theatre
A 19th-century theatre complete with plays and more than 800 props.

Toy tractor
A 'make-do' toy tractor owned by a young boy living in rural Australia during the Second World War.

Trade union banner
A large 1920s Waterside Workers' Federation banner linked to the nation's oldest trade union.

Val Plumwood canoe
The canoe used by Val Plumwood during a crocodile attack in Kakadu National Park in 1985.

Victorian Exploring Expedition breastplate
A breastplate presented to Indigenous people who helped explorers Burke and Wills.

Victorian goldfields nugget
The story of the Bealiba gold nugget, found near the town of Bealiba (near Bendigo, Victoria) in 1957.

Warakurna history paintings
Contemporary works by Western Desert Indigenous artists, documenting 100 years of contact history.

Willsallen sulky collection
A pony-sized brass Sydney sulky from about 1940, belonging to champion horsewoman and breeder Mary Willsallen.

WJ Macdonnell's telescope
A Grubb telescope used by a bank manager and amateur astronomer in his NSW observatory.

Yawkyawk sculptures
A modern take on mermaid-like spiritual beings from Western Arnhem Land.

Yvonne Kennedy collection
Personal objects belonging to an Australian woman who lost her life in the September 11 terrorist attacks.

Zilm family furniture
Hand-crafted by one of the first German families to arrive in Australia.