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Port Macquarie

Port Macquarie
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Scientific and historical inquiry through astronomy, botany, art and the Hastings River.

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Museum Workshop
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The art, science and craft of conserving our National Museum collection.


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Invention by CSIRO that is the basis for wi-fi technology and mobile networking.
The original prototype cochlear implant and a major advance in the treatment of deafness.
Made in London and brought to Australia by the wealthy Blaxland family in the early 1800s.
Portable ophthalmology equipment used in remote communities by the renowned eye surgeon.
One of a few surviving examples of Australian engineer Edgar Percival's most successful aircraft designs.
Tools, models and memorabilia from one of Australia's greatest engineering feats.
A relic from Ludwig Leichhardt's ill-fated 1848 expedition and a medal awarded by the Royal Society.
A Grubb telescope used by a bank manager and amateur astronomer in his NSW observatory.