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Recovered from the Great Barrier Reef 200 years after it was jettisoned from Cook's 'Endeavour'.
Southern Cross Memorial, created by Austin Byrne between 1930 and 1993.
Driven by adventurer Francis Birtles in record-breaking overland car journeys of the 1920s.
Made in London and brought to Australia by the wealthy Blaxland family in the early 1800s.
To win at this game you will need to think clearly and strategically.
A magnifying glass and plane table frame used by Captain James Cook during his Pacific voyages.
Personal effects linked to the pioneering aviator, who crossed the Pacific with Kingsford Smith in 1928.
This distinctive French car, dubbed the little lemon, was the first to travel around Australia.
The world's largest collection of convict tokens, a rare personal record of transportation.
A 23-stringed bamboo instrument handcrafted by a Vietnamese refugee.
A road racing bike owned by the champion long distance cyclist.
A 1790s Pembroke work table made in England with a veneer of Australian timber.
Beautiful pre-16th century maps illustrating the history of the Great South Land.
A 35-millimetre camera used by Frank Hurley in Antarctica and the Middle East.
An 1884 bicycle owned by champion penny-farthing racer Harry Clarke.
Includes a wheelchair used on the Ability Trek around Australia.
Migrant Guna Kinne's link with her homeland, sewn by hand over 30 years.
A range of objects used by Norm Wilson while working as a patrol officer in Papua New Guinea in the 1960s.
One of a few surviving examples of Australian engineer Edgar Percival's most successful aircraft designs.
An 1850s children's game produced in England after gold was discovered in Australia.
A handmade wall-hanging which illustrates a powerful story of postwar migration.
Harold Wright's remarkable home and workshop for 30 years.
A treasured toy pig won by a girl on the way to meeting her father after the Second World War.
A 19th-century theatre complete with plays and more than 800 props.
Hand-crafted by one of the first German families to arrive in Australia.