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Exploration-related objects from our extensive online collection.

A Different Time

A Different Time
From exhibitions
Herbert Basedow's early photographs of expeditions to central and northern Australia.

European voyages

European voyages
From collection interactives
Journeys to the Australian continent for trade, navigation, science and empire.


Collection highlights

Recovered from the Great Barrier Reef 200 years after it was jettisoned from Cook's 'Endeavour'.
Burke's water bottle and other objects linked to the 1861 overland expedition.
A magnifying glass and plane table frame used by Captain James Cook during his Pacific voyages.
Beautiful pre-16th century maps illustrating the history of the Great South Land.
A 35-millimetre camera used by Frank Hurley in Antarctica and the Middle East.
Worn by 1984 Australian Mount Everest expedition team member Geoff Bartram.
A relic from Ludwig Leichhardt's ill-fated 1848 expedition and a medal awarded by the Royal Society.
A Grubb telescope used by a bank manager and amateur astronomer in his NSW observatory.