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Illustrates the intense media and public speculation about a baby's disappearance at Ayers Rock.
Worn by Monty Faithfull, who played for New South Wales and captained the Sydney University team in the 1860s and 1870s.
Clothing, photographs and a first edition book which belonged to the contentious welfare worker.
Worn while lobbying for recognition of Aboriginal Australians in the 1967 Referendum campaign.
A girl's costume handmade during the Depression to promote her father's availability for work.
Beret worn by ‘Oppy’ throughout his life as a tribute to the French for their support of his cycling prowess.
Traditional hunting pink, about 1900, worn by William Hugh Anderson, who took part in various equestrian sports.
An outfit worn by the Aboriginal historian at key moments in the reconciliation campaign.
Owned by farrier James Taylor, who served with the 9th Regiment in Egypt and Palestine.
Migrant Guna Kinne's link with her homeland, sewn by hand over 30 years.
Memorabilia and uniforms owed by former Australian netball team captain Liz Ellis.
Worn by 1984 Australian Mount Everest expedition team member Geoff Bartram.