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Arts-related objects from our extensive online collection.

Old Masters

Old Masters'
From exhibitions
More than 120 Aboriginal paintings by Australia's great bark artists.


From exhibitions
Contemporary Indigenous artworks from our Canning Stock Route collection.


Collection highlights

A powerful expression of artist Alick Tipoti's Torres Strait Islander heritage.
A string quartet crafted in Sydney and inspired by European masters.
Southern Cross Memorial, created by Austin Byrne between 1930 and 1993.
300-plus artworks from John and Ros Moriarty's Indigenous design company.
Vivid paintings showing the impact of climate change on one woman's life as an artist and a farmer.
A 23-stringed bamboo instrument handcrafted by a Vietnamese refugee.
Silk batiks and ceramic works from one of Australia's longest running Aboriginal arts organisations.
Precious personal objects from a distinguished cultural and business leader.
Created by six Martu women to tell stories of their country.
Oil portrait of ‘Robert’, a prize-winning Modern Game bantam cockerel, painted in 1922.
Part of a body of work that transformed understandings of Aboriginal art.
William Dargie's celebrated portrait of Queen Elizabeth II.
A handmade wall-hanging which illustrates a powerful story of postwar migration.
Made by Esme Timbery in the Indigenous tradition of making shellwork artefacts in Sydney.
A large Papunya painting by Anatjari Tjakamarra, depicting a journey in a desert landscape.
Popular sketches of life in the 1860s by artist Samuel Thomas Gill.
A 19th-century theatre complete with plays and more than 800 props.
Contemporary works by Western Desert Indigenous artists, documenting 100 years of contact history.
A modern take on mermaid-like spiritual beings from Western Arnhem Land.