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Agriculture-related objects from our extensive online collection.

Sunshine Harvester

Sunshine Harvester'
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The cutting-edge combine harvester, Melbourne factory tour and the 1911 strike.

Food Stories

Food stories
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School gardens, Stephanie Alexander and stories from our collection.


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A rare collection linked to the history of agriculture and industry in Australia.
Vivid paintings showing the impact of climate change on one woman's life as an artist and a farmer.
Made by teenager Nettie McColive while growing up on an isolated SA dairy farm in the 1930s.
A mechanical shearing handpiece presented to champion shearer Jack Howe by the Wolseley company in 1893.
Ploughing medal won by James Ferrier in 1869.
A Simplex windmill which stood on a Queensland property for more than 80 years.
Protest material documenting a community's reaction at a time of great environmental change.
Oil portrait of ‘Robert’, a prize-winning Modern Game bantam cockerel, painted in 1922.
Used on a farm bear Yass to power a sheep-shearing plant.
Wool samples, awards and other material from the Springfield merino stud, managed by Lucian Faithfull for 70-plus years.
A 'make-do' toy tractor owned by a young boy living in rural Australia during the Second World War.
The 41.1kg fleece from a wether named ‘Chris’, rescued near Canberra.
Hand-crafted by one of the first German families to arrive in Australia.