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The tied Test film

The tied Test film

Tied Test, 1960

A still image taken from black and white moving image material of a cricket match. In the image can be seen seven men. One of them is a cricket umpire, who stands with his back to the camera, at far right in the image. Just in front of him are cricket stumps. In the centre of the image is a batsman with his back to the camera as well. He appears to be walking along the cricket pitch. At the far end of the pitch is another batsman, who appears to have just been bowled. Behind him are four cricketers in fielding positions. In the background is part of the fence surrounding the cricket field. Behind the fence can be seen some of the crowd, sitting on a grassed slope. In the lower part of the image is an overlayed caption that reads 'Australia v West Indies First Test, 1960'.

Take a quick peek at the Tied Test in the West Indies and Australia series (MP4 1.3mb) duration 0:34

Transcript: Tied Test, 1960

NARRATOR: Alan Davidson follows up his great effort with another wicket. Lashley clean bowled without scoring and the West Indians face the very real prospect of outright defeat with a lead of 158 runs with four wickets in hand. It's now six wickets down for 410.

Hall and Valentine take two runs after the first over. They're not expected to last, but as later events proved, their stubborn stand against the best Australian bowlers paved the way for the remarkable climax to the Test.

A black and white photograph of a city street, seen from above. There is a large crowd on the street, watching three cars drive along. Each car is a convertible. One of the cars is seen disappearing under an archway of some kind. The other two follow behind. Each has a driver and what appears to be two men sitting up on the back. The men appear to be wearing suits. One of them in the car behind the one disappearing into the archway is reaching out to someone in the crowd. At either side of the street can be seen tall buildings. The crowd extends for some distance along the street. Another car can just be seen in the crowd, following the other cars. In the left background can be seen a bus and two cars. These vehicles are not related to the cars seen in the crowd.

In 1960/61, the Australian public rediscovered cricket. Over the last decade, interest in cricket had waned — it seemed a dull game characterised by slow over rates and cautious batting.

Then, at the first Test of the West Indies versus Australia series, the Australian Broadcasting Commission recorded and broadcast these images of an unbelievably close contest.

Few anticipated an exciting series when the West Indies team was scheduled to tour Australia in 1960/61 as the home side was expected to win easily.

Then the tourists, with fast bowling and adventurous batting, made a surprising 453 runs in the Test in Brisbane. Australia seemed beaten until a rousing partnership from Alan Davidson and Richie Benaud brought them within a few runs of victory.

Three sensational run-outs followed, and for the first time in 83 years of cricket, a Test was tied.

Australia eventually won the series, but the West Indies players captured the hearts of the Australian public.

pdf Australia vs West Indies First Test 1960 scorecard (PDF 4366kb)

Left: At the end of the West Indies' tour of Australia in 1960/61, a huge crowd turned out to farewell the players with a ticker tape parade down Collins Street in Melbourne. Courtesy: Herald and Weekly Times Photographic Collection.

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