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Rod Marsh's cap: A brand new style

Rod Marsh's cap: A brand new style

World Series Cricket had a huge impact on the game. It ushered cricket into a more professional era with players able to command higher salaries in return for a full-time commitment. Television rights became the main source of revenue for the Australian Cricket Board and broadcasters consequently gained more control over how and when cricket was played.

World Series Cricket also introduced a showier, more gladiatorial style of play. Fast bowlers, such as Australian Dennis Lillee and West Indian Andy Roberts, dominated and batsmen started wearing helmets to protect themselves. The fielding circle was introduced to increase the chance of hitting a boundary. Cricketers also wore coloured uniforms, used white balls, and played snappy limited-over, day-night games designed to appeal to a television audience.

World Series Cricket advertisement, 1978

A colour photograph taken from television coverage of a cricket match. The photo shows a view looking along the length of the pitch. There are four cricketers and an umpire visible in the photo. The cricketers all wear white cricket clothes. The umpire wears dark trousers, white coat, light-toned shoes and a hat. He has his back to the camera. One of the cricketers is a bowler who has just bowled a ball. He also has his back to the camera. A batsman, with his back to the camera, has taken a step down the pitch toward the other end. The batsman at the other end is playing a shot. Behind him are visible the legs and gloves of the wicketkeeper. Each player casts four shadows on the ground, which suggests that the game was being played under lights at night.

In 1978, the Nine Network commissioned the Mojo agency to develop an advertising campaign for World Series Cricket. They came up with the anthem, 'C'mon Aussie c'mon c'mon', which became a smash hit sung by crowds at Test as well as World Series Cricket matches.

Take a look at the advertisement (MPG4 2.5mb) duration 1:01
Copyright Allan Johnston, Mojo Advertising. Courtesy: National Film and Sound Archive.

Transcript: World Series Cricket advertisement, 1978


They've been training all the winter,
And there's not a team that's fitter,
And that's the way it's gotta be.
'Cos you're up against the best y'know.
This is Super Test y'know.
And you've gotta beat the best the world has seen.

Lillie's pounding down like a machine.
Pascoe's making divots in the green.
Marsh is takin' wickets.
Hooksie's clearing pickets.
And the Chappells' eyes have got that killer gleam.

Mr Walker's playing havoc with the bats.
Redpath, it's good to see ya back.
Laird is making runs.
Dougie's chewing gum.
And Gilmore's wielding willow like an axe.

C'mon Aussie, c'mon, c'mon
C'mon Aussie, c'mon, c'mon
C'mon Aussie, c'mon, c'mon
C'mon Aussie, c'mon.

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