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Nance Clements's banner: The 'Demon'

Nance Clements's banner: The 'Demon'

Mollie Flaherty was known as the 'Demon' for her fiery pace bowling. She represented Australia from 1937 to 1949. Throughout the 1937 series in England she opened the bowling in tandem with fellow quick Nell McLarty, capturing 6/144 at an average of 24.

A film strip of Clement bowling.

Mollie Flaherty's bowling action. Photo: George Serras.

Take a closer look at Mollie Flaherty's bowling action
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An all-round athlete, Flaherty was also the Australian baseball pitcher. After her retirement from cricket in 1951 she took up golf, and added many golf tournaments to her successful sporting career.

A colour photograph of a pair of white cricket boots. The boots have their toe ends toward the camera. The left boot, at right in the photograph, has its laces undone. The tips of the laces rest on the ground on either side of the boot. The rear upper of the boot shows signs of wear while the toe shows some light discolouring. The right boot, at left, is lying on its right side, showing its sole. The front part of the sole has six sprigs in it, around the outer part. A seventh sprig has broken off. The front left lower part of the boot shows severe scuffing and wear. The boots have been photographed against a plain white background. They cast shadows against this background.

Above: Have a closer look at Mollie Flaherty's cricket boots. Can you see the marks from when she dragged her foot along the ground while bowling? Photo: George Serras.

A colour photograph of the front of a white cricket boot. The right boot is lying on its right side, showing its sole. There are six sprigs attached to the sole, around the outer part. The front left part of the boot is severely scuffed and shows significant wear. One area of wear near the toe section has penetrated the upper and has exposed some of the boot's inner lining. The laces of the boot are just visible. The boot has been photographed against a white background. It casts a shadow on the background, in the lower right corner of the photograph.

Photo: George Serras.