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Andrew Stoddart's bat: A sportsman with stamina

Andrew Stoddart's bat: A sportsman with stamina

Andrew Ernest Stoddart was born in England in 1863. A right-handed batsman and medium fast bowler, he came to prominence as a club cricketer with Middlesex and went on to play 16 Test matches. He captained England eight times.

Stoddart was renowned for his stamina and energy. On one occasion early in his career, he scored a world record 485 runs in one innings, batting for six hours and remaining on the pitch for almost all of his team's innings of 815. His pre-match preparation had involved staying up all night, dancing and playing cards; he followed up the day's cricket with a game of tennis and a visit to the theatre before finally retiring at 3 am.

Stoddart was also a talented rugby union player, representing England in 10 international games and helping to organise the first British Lions rugby tour to Australian in 1888/89.

A black and white image of an English cricketer from 1893. The image shows the man standing facing the viewer. He is visible from about mid-thigh up and wears light-toned trousers, shirt and a short, striped neck tie. He has a large moustache and his dark hair is neatly combed and parted to his left. He has his left hand resting on his left hip. His right hand appears to be resting on the edge of a table, just visible in the bottom left corner of the image. What appears to be the top of a cricket bat handle is just visible in the same corner.

Above: This engraving, made from a photograph, shows Andrew
Stoddart in 1893. Courtesy: Getty Images.