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Flemington on Cup Day

The 2010 Melbourne Cup popular favourite, So You Think, is led around the Parade Ring at Flemington Racecourse before the big race.

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This interactive explores the workings and wonders of Flemington Racecourse on Melbourne Cup Day – hear about the five vowels of broadcasting from veteran race caller Greg Miles, find out what the 'monkey crouch' is, see how fashions have changed over the years, and check out some of the objects that are on display in the Flemington exhibit.

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Convict love tokens

Convict love tokens screen capture

The National Museum of Australia has 314 convict love tokens in its collection. These tokens were made by convicts around the time of their sentencing and were given to friends and loved ones as mementos. View both sides of every token, read transcriptions, leave comments or ask questions on our dedicated website.

View the Convict love tokens website 

Journeys: Australia's connections with the world


Cricketing Journeys to and from Australia

Cricketing Journeys

Cricketing Journeys to and from Australia tells the remarkable stories of some of the men and women who have participated in the transnational cricket community over 150 years. 

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Crimson Thread of Kinship

Crimson Thread of Kinship

Share the story behind the Crimson Thread of Kinship embroidery, which represents the unfolding story of Australia. Learn about the history of needlework in Australia and meet the people who spent thousands of hours creating this magnificent work.

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European voyages to the Australian continent

European voyages to the Australian continent

European voyages explores various journeys to the Australian continent through themes of trade, navigation, science and empire. Learn more about the voyages and how the objects carried by different voyagers were made, used or conserved.

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Harvest of Endurance scroll

Harvest of Endurance scroll

See the 50-metre-long Harvest of Endurance scroll, representing two centuries of Chinese contact with, and emigration to, Australia. Learn more about the people and places featured in the scroll, its creation and how the traditional colours and lines can be read.

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Jerilderie letter

Jerilderie letter

'I am a Widow's Son, outlawed and my orders must be obeyed'. With these chilling words bushranger Ned Kelly ended the Jerilderie letter, a detailed written justification of his actions. Read the full transcription of the letter and learn why this manifesto is regarded by some as an early call for an Australian republic.

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More on the Jerilderie letter


Exploring the world at Port Macquarie

A screenshot image of the 'Exploring the world at Port Macquarie' multimedia interactive.

Port Macquarie, on the central coast of New South Wales, has inspired scientific and historical inquiry for generations. Learn how young artist Annabella Innes, amateur astronomer William Macdonnell and agriculturalist Thomas Dick investigated, recorded and responded to landscapes, plants, animals and people in and around the town.

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Read more about Port Macquarie in Landmarks


Oscar's sketchbook

Oscar's sketchbook

Flip through the 40 pages of a sketchbook which belonged to Oscar, a young Aboriginal man who grew up in Queensland in the 1880s. The drawings in Oscar's book appear to present an autobiographical account of his life, with Indigenous scenes and cross-cultural contact.

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