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Salt Water Heroes emergency operation

Salt Water Heroes - conservation treatment

Conservators from the National Museum of Australia reacted quickly after a hail storm in late 2006 damaged a series of paintings which were hanging in an administration wing.

The Museum reopened soon after the storm, which caused minor damage and did not affect the National Historical Collection.

The paintings by Sydney artist Paul Blahuta were on show in conjunction with the Museum's exhibition, Between the Flags: 100 Years of Surf Lifesaving.

In consultation with Mr Blahuta, conservators stabilised and repaired the paintings and returned them to their frames.

This sequence of photographs shows Museum staff involved in various stages of the emergency recovery operation for the paintings, and later discussions with Mr Blahuta.

The first image was taken in the administration corridor where the ceiling collapse occurred, and the following images were taken in the adjacent exhibitions preparation area which was set up as an emergency treatment area for the paintings.