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Cartoon Climate change skeptics
Cartoon Phew, that was close
Cartoon Another word for revolution
'Climate change sceptics' cartoon by Mark Knight, Herald Sun, 2009

'Phew...that was close' cartoon by Mark Knight, the Herald Sun, 2009

'Another word for revolution' cartoon by Jon Kudelka, the Australian, 2009

Cartoon Dirty washing
Cartoon Swine flu
Cartoon Climate change
'Dirty washing' cartoon by Bill Leak, the Australian, 2009

'Swine flu' cartoon by Peter MacMullin, Sunday Mail, Adelaide, 2009

'Climate change' cartoon by Neil Matterson, Sunday Mail Brisbane, 2008

Cartoon Olympians
Cartoon Swine flu
Cartoon Humble pie
'Olympians' cartoon by Alan Moir, the Sydney Morning Herald, 2009

'Swine flu' cartoon by Paul Newman, the Australian, 2009

'Humble pie' cartoon by John Farmer (Polly), the Hobart Mercury, 2009

Cartoon Wild things
Cartoon The Ululru Climb
Cartoon The end can wait
'Wild things' cartoon by David Pope, the Canberra Times, 2009

'The Uluru climb' cartoon by David Pope, Canberra Times, 2009

'The end can wait' cartoon by Greg Smith, Western Suburbs Weekly, 2009

Cartoon 4wds - the cause, the solution
Cartoon The cork please Penny
Cartoon Crisis, what crisis?
'4wd's - the cause, the solution' cartoon by Andrew Weldon, the Sunday Age, 2009

'The cork please Penny...' cartoon by Vince O'Farrell, the Illawarra Mercury, 2009

'Crisis, what crisis?' cartoon by Vince O'Farrell, Illawarra Mercury, 2009

Cartoon Shake down some CEOs
Cartoon Right where I want you
Cartoon Tony Abbott
'Shake down some CEOs' cartoon by David Rowe, the Australian Financial Review, 2009

'Right where I want you' cartoon by David Rowe, Australian Financial Review, 2009

'Tony Abbott' cartoon by David Pope, 2009

Cartoon titled
Cartoon titled
The Treasurer rushes
'UnAustralia' cartoon by Fiona Katauskas, New Matilda, 2005

'War on terrorism' cartoon by Geoff Pryor, the Canberra Times, 2001

'The treasurer rushes' cartoon by Sean Leahy, the Courier-Mail, 2006

Cartoon titled
Boardroom crisis
Costello as Hamlet
'Hope' cartoon by Fiona Katauskas, New Matilda, 2008

'Boardroom crisis' cartoon by Michael Fitzjames, 2008

'Costello as Hamlet' cartoon by Ward O'Neill, 2008

The baptism of Brendan
Hysterical Penguins
Flappity flap
'The baptism of Brendan' cartoon by John Spooner, 2008

'Hysterical Penguins' cartoon by Judy Horacek, 2008

'Flappity flap' cartoon by David Rowe, Australian Financial Review, 2008

Black and white cartoon titled
'Photographing marbles' cartoon by Judy Horacek, 1997

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