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Collection search

Collection search help

How does Basic search work?

Basic search provides a quick and easy method for searching the Museum's collections. Just type one or two terms in the search box and hit ENTER to get started. Note that Basic search is NOT case sensitive.

Basic search searches across a number of commonly used fields in the collections database. Note that the search box is an AND search, ie all words you enter in this box must be found within a single field of the collections database.

For example, searching for 'JB Young Holdings 1956' will find no results, but searching for 'JB Young Holdings' will find a number of results despite having '1956' in the record title. The reason is that all of the search terms may never be found in a single field in the database.

How does Advanced search work?

Advanced search is useful when you know specific details about an object, or you have too many search results. It allows you to apply search terms against specific fields in the collections database.

Advanced search is also an AND search, ie if you put 'lebovic' in the Collection name field and 'paper' in the Physical description field, the search will only return records from Lebovic collections which also include the word 'paper' in their Physical description.

I can't find the object I'm looking for

There are a number of ways you can try and locate objects:

Not all Museum collection records are currently available to the public. However, the Museum releases new records to the web every week and continually enriches the content of existing records.

I want to comment on an object or I have found an error

The Museum welcomes feedback on the information contained in our collections. Just use the 'Send us feedback on this object' link at the bottom of each collection record to let us know what you think.

Alternatively, the 'Feedback' link at the top of each page allows for general feedback on any aspect of Collections search.