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Preserved wet specimen of a whole skinned Thylacine

Object type
Zoological specimens

Object number

Wet specimen of a whole skinned Thylacine, which appears to be missing at least some of its internal organs.

There is no information on how or where this specimen of a skinned Thylacine was collected, but the last well-documented capture of a wild thylacine was in September 1930. The specimen found its way into the collection of the Australian Institute of Anatomy and was transferred to the National Museum of Australia in 1984. The specimen was never prepared as a biological display specimen. The roughly skinned carcass appears to be missing at least some of its internal organs. However, in spite of its crude appearance, it was preserved according to the usual process of the time for biological material, having been first fixed with formalin and then held in Wentworth preserving fluid (primarily deionised water and glycerol) which prevent deterioration.

Collection name
MacKenzie collection

Australian Institute of Anatomy

Associated place
Tasmania, Australia
Place captured

Associated period
1925 - 1930
Likely date of capture

Animal material - non specific, Formalin solution

Width: 955mm
Height: 575mm
Depth: 255mm

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