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Salvation Army timbrel

Salvation Army timbrel

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A painted wooden timbrel [tambourine] in black and red, with blue, red and yellow silken ribbons attached and a transfer of Salvation Army imagery inside the skin of the instrument. It has two rows of off set pairs of metal discs on short rods set into the wood of the timbrel, and a finger hold.

Collection name
Cath Solomon collection

Collection statement of significance
This collection consists of a female Salvation Army uniform, with jacket, blouse, skirt, shoes and hat, along with a timbrel and Australian Christian stickers and T-shirts. The fourteen items belonged to Cath Solomon, a member of the Salvation Army for more than 40 years. The uniform is a winter variety and the stickers relate to the annual 'Praise Corroboree' at Parliament House, Canberra. All items are in good condition and were supplied with relevant information.

The Salvation Army has been active in Australia since the early 1880s. It has made a significant charitable contribution to Australian society and has become a recognisable organisation through its Red Shield Appeal, emergency housing programs, counselling services and 'Salvos Stores'. Cath Solomon worked in Indigenous communities and children's ministry, becoming a Divisional Envoy in the Lakes Entrance and Bairnsdale areas. The Salvation Army supports the process of reconciliation in Australia, having developed an Aboriginal Ministry Advisory Council (SAAMAC) in 1995 and the Multicultural and Indigenous Australia Council (SAMIAC) in 2004 to guide its efforts.

Wood, Metal - non specific, Textile - non specific, Animal hide

Diameter: 240mm

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