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Bamboo hybrid stringed musical instrument called a 'dan tre', an original creation by Vietnamese refugee Minh Tam Nguyen

Object type
Musical instruments

Object number

Bamboo hybrid musical instrument called a 'dan tre'. The instrument has twenty-three 800mm-long wire strings attached to a bamboo tube. An Australian-made metal hose-clamp is around the top rim. An Australian 'DANTE' brand rectangular four-litre olive oil tin, which acts as a resonator, is strapped to the base of the tube with two metal hose clamps. The strings are attached to Australian-made stainless steel tuning keys created from screw assemblies, and each string has an individual bridge made of wood. Sound holes have been drilled around the body and some of them have been filled in. The 'dan tre' has been inscribed with details of the instrument's musical interpretation. European notation has been written on the bamboo in red pencil, with a guide to the releveant string numbers given in lead pencil. This would act as a guide for playing and tuning the instrument.

Collection name
Minh Nguyen collection

Mr Minh Tam Nguyen

Place made
Mr Nguyen made this instrument in a refugee camp in the Philippines in 1982 and modified it in Australia in 1984

Place made

Date made
1982 - 1984

Mr Minh Tam Nguyen

Associated place
Mr Nguyen escaped from Vietnam with his son in 1982, and after a short stay in a refugee camp in the Philippines, he came to Australia

Place used

Place used

Period of use
1982 - 1990

Bamboo, Metal - non specific, Stainless steel, Wood

Width: 168mm
Height: 880mm
Depth: 370mm

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