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Bark coffin with

Bark coffin with 'Dangbarr' Images of the Djanggawu Heroes by Mawalan

Object type

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Cylindrical bark sewn longitudinally with strand of fibre. Join covered with adhesive. Pigmented longitudinally with anthropomorphic and zoomorphic images in panels of crosshatching and solid bands of colour and dotting. Filled with dried grass. 'Images of the Djanggawu Heroes'.

The bark coffin depicts the older Sister ready to give birth [view in image], and below is a male goanna embedded in the classic Rirratjingu pattern symbolising the sand dunes at Yalangbara. The other side depicts the Djang'kawu holding the 'mawalan', with a female figure below. [text from Yalangbara catalogue]

Collection name
Dorothy Bennett collection

Mawalan Marika

Wood, Pigment, Adhesive - non specific, Plant fibre

Width: 140mm
Height: 880mm
Depth: 140mm

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