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Lantern slide - Pitjantjatjara men wearing wooden hair ornaments known as 'elenba', central Australia, photographed by Herbert Basedow, 1920-1924

Object type
Lantern slides

Object number

Lantern slide of a black and white glass plate negative. The picture shows two indigenous men with beards holding spears and spear throwers. They are also wearing tall shaved wood head adornments. The top of the glass above the picture on the left has a crack.

Reproduced by Basedow in "The Australian Aboriginal", FW Preece and Sons, Adelaide, 1925, plate IX/2. Caption reads: 'Wongapitcha men wearing ornamental wooden hair-pins known as "elenba." Note charcoal rubbed over the foreheads.'

Collection name
Dr Herbert Basedow collection

Dr Herbert Basedow

Place photographed
Northern Central Australia, Northern Territory, Australia

Date photographed
1920 - 1924

Photographic emulsion, Glass

Width: 82mm
Height: 82mm

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