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Tachometer plate from the Southern Cloud

Object type

Object number

A tachometer plate from A.N.A. Avro X aircraft 'Southern Cloud'. It is contained within a perspex box due to radiation presence on plate.

Collection name
Frank Proust collection

Collection statement of significance
The Frank Proust collection consists of the damaged tachometer plate from the instrument panel of the aircraft Southern Cloud and four black and white photographs by Sydney Morning Herald photographer Alan Kemp.

Southern Cloud, operated by Australian National Airways, crashed in 1931 during appalling weather on the Sydney-Melbourne route. The wreck was not found in the subsequent search and the mystery of the plane's disappearance captured the nation's attention during the dark days of the Depression. It was Australia's first major civil aviation disaster. Only in 1958 - and quite by accident - was the wreckage found by a worker on the Snowy Mountains Hydro-electric Scheme. A significant outcome of the crash was a recommendation for the adoption of radio in civil aircraft in Australia, enabling changed weather forecasts to be conveyed to aircrews. The loss of Southern Cloud and the eight persons on board played a part in creating safer air travel for all Australians. The damaged tachometer plate forms a poignant and graphic reminder of the dangers of flying in the 1930s.

Place of event
Snowy Mountains, New South Wales, Australia

Date of event

Metal - non specific

Diameter: 150mm

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