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Royal Agricultural and Horticultural Society of South Australia Spring Show 1932 First Prize Awarded to Minetta Huppatz

Object type

Object number

White cardboard certificate with blue text that reads "Royal Agricultural and Horticultural Society / OF SOUTH AUSTRALIA... / ROYAL SPRING SHOW, 1932 / Section-(School) N Class 2633 Entry 7639 / FIRST PRIZE / "FARM LIFE QUILT" / Awarded to M. Huppatz".

Collection name
Nettie McColive collection

Collection statement of significance
Needlework has been an important creative outlet for women throughout Australian history. This work has often been denigrated due to the (gendered) divide between high and low culture which regards domestic work as trivial, feminine and unworthy of the title "Art". A reassessment of history informed by womens' history and feminism has led to domestic needlework being acknowledged as more than simply functional labour. The social role of this type of work is now better appreciated making it a vital aspect of domestic material culture.

This collection consists of objects relating to the life of Minetta (Nettie) McColive (nee Huppatz). Mrs McColive's quilts form the centre piece of the collection. Three of these were made in the 1930's, the Farm Life Quilt, Wildflowers Quilt and the International Quilt. Also featured in the collection are certificates, photographs and d'oyleys. This collection helps to document issues such as women in rural Australia, quilting and needlework, education in the outback, community or commemorative quilting, shows and competitions.

Mrs McColive's work has been the subject of considerable interest both in South Australia as well as in the general quilting community. Her work is featured in two books, Jennifer Isaac's The Gentle Arts and Margaret Rolfe's Patchwork Quilts in Australia. Her work has also featured in exhibitions such as the Quilt Australia '88 exhibition as well as an exhibition held in Prospect showcasing the work of local artists.

Royal Agricultural and Horticultural Society of South Australia

Place of issue
Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

Date of issue

Paper, Ink

Width: 121mm
Height: 160mm

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