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Australian flag, damaged during the bombing of the Australian Embassy in Jakarta on 9 September 2004

Australian flag, damaged during the bombing of the Australian Embassy in Jakarta on 9 September 2004

Object type
Australian flags

Object number

Australian national flag, in fully-sewn, blue, white and red cotton bunting. The stars are made from a reflective synthetic fabric. The white areas of the Union Jack [St Andrew's banner] are stained grey by soot. It has a noticeable shrapnel hole in the quadrant below the Union Jack and in the upper quadrant of the stars. Small shrapnel holes are scattered across the rest of the flag. A 'figure-8' metal flag pole clip is attached to both ends of the hoist edge, and they have "MOSS" cast in relief on them.

Collection name
Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade collection no. 2

Collection statement of significance
The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade - Jakarta Embassy Bombing collection No. 1 contains material relating to the Australian Embassy bombing in Jakarta. The collection consists of the shattered remains of the Australian ambassador's blast-resistant office window, shrapnel damaged Australian flag, the Australian Embassy's bomb damaged cast iron Australian Coat of Arms, a broken Driver's clock, and three small pieces of green metal fence post which were shot into the Embassy's glass fa├žade by the explosion. The collection is supported by a series of photographs which clearly illustrates the devastation left by the car bomb at the Australian Embassy and in the adjacent street.

On 9 September 2004, a terrorist car bomb detonated outside the gates to the Australian Embassy in Jakarta killing 10 people and wounding over 140 others. Following in the wake of repeated terrorist related bombings in Indonesia, most notably the 2002 Bali bombings, the Australian Embassy bombing material not only demonstrates the threat of terrorism to contemporary Australian society, but also reflects the differing relationships Australia and Indonesia have shared from the volatile years preceding the Vietnam War through to the joint grief and mourning of the present.

Australian Flag Company

Place made
Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia

Associated organisation
Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Associated place
Jakarta, Sumatra, Indonesia

Associated date

Cotton cloth, Synthetic cloth, Metal - non specific

Width: 3600mm
Height: 1800mm
Depth: 20mm

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