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W Bateman collectionWight-Gullett collection
W Herbert and C Peters collectionWilderness Society (A.C.T. Branch) Forests Campaign collection
Wagilag Sisters collectionWilderness Society of Australia collection
Wal Beckhouse collectionWilfred Aniba collection
Wal Hick collectionWilhelm Greiffenhagen collection
Wallenius Wilhelmsen MV Tampa collectionWill Baillieu collection
Wally Johnston collectionWilliam and Jeanette Derham Family - Bendigo Pottery collection
Walter Burley Griffin Society collectionWilliam Barak 1895 collection
Wanparda Shield collectionWilliam Beausang collection
War Widows' Guild of Australia (Vic) Ltd collectionWilliam Dargie portrait of Queen Elizabeth II collection
Warakurna History Paintings collectionWilliam Ewart Williams collection
Ward O'Neill collection no. 2William Forrester collection
Waringarri Arts collectionWilliam Henry Boyce collection
Waterford Wedgwood Australia Limited collectionWilliam Ricketts Sculpture collection no. 1
Waterside Workers Federation of Australia (Sydney Branch) collectionWilliam Ricketts Sculpture collection no. 2
Watkin Tench collectionWilliam Scoresby Routledge collection
Wax Matrix Portrait Plaque Captain Cook collectionWilliam Yates collection
Wedgwood & Bentley Portrait Medallions collectionWilliamstown Naval Dockyard collection
Weekend Gallery collectionWinifred Hilliard collection no. 2
Wendy Hucker collectionWinifred Hilliard collection no. 3
West Australian Totalisator Agency Board collectionWinifred Hilliard collection no. 4
West Theatre Company collectionWoodleigh Shorthorn Stud collection
Western Region Aboriginal Land Council collectionWorkshop Arts Centre collection no. 1
Whalers Haven Museum collectionWorkshop Arts Centre collection no. 2
Whereat collectionWorkshop Arts Centre collection no. 3
Whilhelmus Tys collectionWorld Trade Center Australian Flag collection
White Australia Protection Badge collectionWorld War Board Game collection no. 1
Whiteley Family collection no. 1WS Kalf collection