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S Jackson collectionSnowy Scheme - Christine Filiamundi collection
Saibai Island Council collectionSnowy Scheme - Frank Rodwell collection
Saibai Island Dance Group collectionSnowy Scheme - Joe Gordon collection
Salisbury and South Wiltshire Museum collectionSnowy Scheme - Keith Montague collection
Sally Banyard collectionSnowy Scheme - Ken Johnson collection
Sam Evans collectionSnowy Scheme - Les Price collection
Samuel Marsden collectionSnowy Scheme Model collection
Sandra Holmes collection no. ?Snowy Scheme - Norm Kopievsky collection
Sandra Holmes collection no. 2Snowy Scheme - Snowy Hydro collection
Sandra Holmes collection no. 3Snowy Scheme - Snowy Mountains Engineering Corporation (SMEC) collection
Sandra Holmes collection no. 5Snowy Scheme - Stan Goodhew collection
Sandra Holmes collection no. 6Snowy Scheme - Sue Hughes collection
Sanitarium Health Food Company collectionSnowy Scheme Tunnelling Medal collection
School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine collectionSocial History Museums (South Australia) collection
Scientists Against Nuclear Arms collectionSolomon and Josephine Ahmat collection
Scott Rainbow collectionSothea Thea collection
Sebastian M√ľnster 'Tabula Asiae VIII' Map collectionSotheby's collection no. 1
Select Australia collectionSotheby's collection no. 2
Senator Jo Vallentine collection no. 1South Australian Museum collection no. 1
Sergeant Arthur Steele collectionSpastic Centre collection
Shanti Sumartojo collectionSpecial Forever collection
Sharp and Cook collectionSpencer Scott Sandilands collection
Sheila Ruth Collett collectionSporting Memorabilia collection
Sheila Van Emden collectionSpringfield - Faithfull Family collection
Shirley Andrews collectionSpringfield Merino Stud collection
Shirley Hodder collectionSquatter Game collection
Shirley Strickland collectionSt George Budapest Soccer Club collection
Sid Nash collectionStaffordshire Figurine collection
Sidney Nolan collection no. 1Stan Jarvis collection
Sidney Nolan collection no. 2Stan Levit collection
Silas Wolmby collectionStan Mitchell collection
Silver Inkstand collectionStan Single collection
Sir David Smith collectionStanislaw Lukas collection
Sir Douglas Mawson collectionStella Coulter collection
Sir Eric Harrison collectionStella Taber collection
Sir Hubert Opperman collection no. 1Steve Johnson collection
Sir Hubert Opperman collection no. 2Steven Webb collection
Sir James Scholtens collectionStrongman collection
Sir Joh Bjelke-Peterson collectionSue McLeod collection
Sir Littleton Groom collectionSuperannuation Fund Investment Trust collection
Sir Ninian Stephen collectionSurgeon General John White's Journal collection
Sir Raymond Garrett collectionSusan Clarke collection
Sir Roger Tichborne Staffordshire Figurine collectionSusan Colquhoun collection no. 2
Sir Roland Wilson collection no. 1Susan (Sue) Powell collection
Sir Roland Wilson collection no. 2Susie Elelman collection
Sister Anna Duble collectionSuzanne Clubb collection
Smales Jewellers collectionSwan Richards collection
Small and Whitfield collectionSydney 2000 Olympic Games collection
Smedley Family collectionSydney Collectables Auction collection
Smith Family collectionSydney Cove Medallion collection
Snowy Scheme - Bill Fegan collection