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M Crivelli collectionMary Lang collection
MacKenzie collectionMary Lee collection
MacKenzie collection no. 2Mary Munckton and Ian Metherall collection
Macks Southwell collectionMary Nicholson collection no. 2
Macleay Museum collectionMatthew Flinders collection
Macquarie Gallery collectionMaurice McCarten collection no. 1
Maggie Brady collectionMaurice McCarten collection no. 3
Major James Nunn's Sutlej Medal collectionMavis Chapman collection
Major Thomas Livingstone Mitchell collectionMax Dupain collection
Malvern Star collectionMax Mansell collection
Maningrida Arts and Crafts 02/09/1974 collectionMaxwell Newton collection
Maningrida Arts and Crafts 04/06/1974 collectionMay Goudie collection
Maningrida Arts and Crafts 07/09/1973 collectionMC Glenn collection
Maningrida Arts and Crafts 12/06/1973 collectionMcCormick Foods Australia collection
Maningrida Arts and Crafts 18/12/1973 collectionMcLeod collection
Maningrida Arts and Crafts 23/12/1974 collectionMeagers collection
Maningrida Arts and Crafts 26/11/1973 collectionMeg Pocock collection
Maningrida Arts and Crafts 1982 collectionMegaw & Hogg Auctions collection
Maningrida Arts and Crafts 1993 collectionMelbourne Women's Walking Club collection
Maningrida Social Club 26/02/1969 collectionMelva Truchanas collection
Maralinga collectionMeredith Hinchliffe collection no. 1
Marcia Rankin collectionMervyn Meggitt collection
Maree Marsden (Parry) collectionMervyn Street collection
Margaret Alexander collectionMessrs Berkelouw collection
Margaret Alexander collection no. 2Messrs FE, MW & SU Baldwin collection
Margaret Alexander collection no. 3Methodist Church of Australia collection
Margaret Coen collectionMichael Fitzjames collection no. 3
Margaret Gibb collectionMichael Kinsela, Chief of Cudgelbong Breastplate collection
Margaret Harrison collectionMichael Leunig/Bryan Brown collection
Margaret Maclurcan collectionMichael Tunica collection
Margaret O'Callaghan collectionMike Munves Corporation collection
Margaret Twiss collectionMike Pearson collection
Margot Child collectionMilikapiti Council collection
Maria King collectionMilleese Morrow Boughton collection
Maria Murray collectionMilo Dunphy collection no. 1
Marie Byles collectionMilo Dunphy collection no. 2
Marie Byles collection no. 2Minh Nguyen collection
Marie Lee collectionMiss Australia Company collection
Marin Alagich collection no. 1Mitchell Giurgola and Thorp Architects collection no. 2
Marin Alagich collection no. 3MJ Brown collection
Marion Douglas and Pamela Yonge collectionMJ Thurbon collection
Maris Pacifici Map collectionMollie Ballard collection
Marisol Martinreyes collectionMollie Flaherty collection
Maritime Union of Australia collectionMonier Redlands Ltd collection
Marjorie Bragg collectionMonique Mulder-Finlay collection - Miss NSW Charity Queen 1968
Marko Maksymyschyn collectionMoree Bootscooters collection
Marrynyula Mununggurr collectionMornington Island Mission collection
Marta Sybaczynsky collection no. 2Mount Stromlo Observatory collection
Martin Boyd Pottery Tumbler collectionMovement Against Uranium Mining collection
Martin collectionMovement for the Ordination of Women collection
Maruku Arts and Crafts collection no. 1Mualgau Minaral collection
Maruku Arts and Crafts collection no. 2Mudgee Historical Society collection
Maruku Arts collection no. 2Muriel Kelly collection
Mary Ellerslie Massey collectionMyrtle Ivy Lindsay collection
Mary Fox collectionMyrtle Wilson collection