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Trees at a billabong, by Tjyllyungoo (Lance Chad)

Trees at a billabong, by Tjyllyungoo (Lance Chad)

Lance Tjyllyungoo

Cultural area
West Coast

Object type
Watercolour paintings

Object number
IR 4528.0241

A watercolour landscape featuring a white barked tree in the foreground to the left of a body of water with numerous other white barked trees in the background. The artists signature is in the bottom right corner. On the reverse is the ATSIC asset number 'W-1217' on a silver sticker. The painting is framed under glass and has a white matt with a pink trim and a washed white wooden frame with gold edging. There is a piece of paper stuck to the glass with the title 'Trees at a billabong' and the artists name 'Lance Chad' in printed text.

Width: 716mm
Height: 595mm
Depth: 24mm

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