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Women looking out of city window, by Trevor Nickolls.

Women looking out of city window, by Trevor Nickolls.

Trevor Nickolls

Object type
Acrylic paintings

Object number
IR 4527.0066

A painting featuring the blue face of women in a window on the middle right side looking over a city scape. There is also a white bird in the upper right corner and two other faces in windows in the upper left side. The city is quite abstract and is painted in black and white with tinges of blue. On the back is handwritten text that reads 'D.A.A. 2516 / 6/8/89 / FRAME 61'. There are also two stickers one is an ATSIC 'ASSET No:23'. The painting is framed in a wooden frame with a white wash then mounted to a white board which is also framed in a wooden frame.

Width: 835mm
Height: 835mm
Depth: 60mm

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