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  • Behind the Scenes – Landmarks series

    National Museum curators share details of the work going on behind the scenes and their research into key collection objects considered in the development of the Landmarks: People and Places across Australia gallery (formerly known as Creating a Country), which will trace a broad history of Australia since European colonisation of the continent.

  • Captain James Cook series

    Events and exhibitions held at the National Museum of Australia exploring objects and collections linked to Captain James Cook and research into his Pacific voyages.

  • Charles Darwin series

    Events held in conjunction with the National Museum of Australia and American Museum of Natural History Darwin exhibition, to mark the 200th anniversary of the birth of one of the world’s great thinkers.

  • Collections 2006 series

    The ‘Collecting for a Nation’ symposium marked the 25th anniversary of the Act which brought about the National Museum of Australia and its National Historical Collection. Expert speakers share the sometimes idiosyncratic, but always interesting, history of collectors and collecting long before the Museum opened in Canberra.

  • Collections 2008 series

    The ‘Material histories: objects as sources?’ symposium features speakers from across Australia considering the different ways curators, archaeologists, historians and anthropologists have approached physical evidence. Includes many examples of the ways material culture is being used in museums and galleries.

  • Collections 2009 series

    The ‘From collections to exhibitions’ symposium brought together speakers from across Australia to discuss the nature and uses of collection material and objects for display in various forms.

  • Collections 2010 series

    The ‘Caring for collections’ symposium examined recent developments in the assessment, storage and conservation of museum collections and showcased recent work undertaken by the Museum and other institutions in the area of collections management. Topics included the use of significance criteria in driving collections management decisions, collections access in the digital world and the development of new storage facilities in Australian museums.

  • Critical Undercurrents - a One River symposium

    Share the stories of people, politics and creative projects from the Murray-Darling Basin, in this One River Centenary of Canberra symposium, developed in partnership with the National Museum of Australia. The One River project, curated by Malcolm McKinnon, explored the common interests shared by communities along the Murray-Darling river system and its tributaries. It considered how these waterways connect different people and places, both literally and metaphorically. The project’s final symposium was held at the National Museum of Australia in August 2013, bringing together historians, curators, activists, farmers and artists to talk about developing new approaches to living along and with the river. Speaker biographies are available from the More info link below.

  • Curatorial research fellowship series

    Curators at the National Museum of Australia are offered and selected for a six-month fellowship in the Research Centre. This allows them to focus on a particular area of interest in the National Historical Collection.

  • Cycling in Australia series

    Talks relating to the stories and development of cycling in Australia through the online feature and culminating in the exhibition Freewheeling: Cycling in Australia.

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