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The August Offensives on Gallipoli and their echoes in Australia

Senior historian and curator Brad Manera gave the keynote address, re-examining some key battles at Gallipoli, and how information about the fate of casualties was conveyed to family members back in Australia.
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Presenters: Brad Manera

The Shattered Anzac

Katy Mutton discusses her artwork on the history of the soldier settlements in Red Cliffs, Victoria. Elizabeth Roberts-Pedersen examines the notion of the shattered Anzac through the lens of military psychiatry and post-traumatic stress disorder.
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Presenters: Katy Mutton and Elizabeth Roberts-Pedersen

War and Peace on the Home Front

Melanie Oppenheimer discusses the role of volunteers and in particular the Australian Red Cross during the First World War. Bart Ziino discusses the conscription debate and people’s anxiety about their loved ones at the front.
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Presenters: Melanie Oppenheimer and Bart Ziino

Internment during World War I in Australia

Nadine Helmi (author of The Enemy at Home: German Internees in World War 1 Australia) and curator Jono Lineen discussed internment in general and the internment of Germans in particular during the First World War in Australia.
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Presenters: Nadine Helmi and Jono Lineen

Censorship, suffering, and shellshock in World War I reporting

A discussion about Australian war correspondents who reported on and also experienced physical and psychological trauma. Fay Anderson also looked at the relationship between truth and censorship.
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Presenters: Fay Anderson and Janda Gooding, with an introduction by Mathew Trinca
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