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The Museum: Eleven

Two boys holding hands

March–August 2017

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The Museum magazine commemorates 50 years since the 1967 referendum ‘yes’ vote and 25 years since the Mabo decision. Explore:

  • historian John Maynard's reflections on the referendum
  • the planetarium-style experience for visitors to the upcoming Seven Sisters exhibition
  • Dick Smith’s life in three objects
  • Jessica Mauboy’s Eurovision gown and more

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ISSN 2200–2472
National Museum of Australia Press, 2017

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Three men beside a truck
Man giving speech
3D illustration of people lying beneath dome, below night sky
Publication spread of Jessica Mauboy wearing European Vision 2014 dress
Publication spread of Illuminated address

Cover image: The image of two boys holding hands in a Chippendale lane, Sydney, accompanied a front-page article, ‘Racial discrimination – what’s that?’ just days before the 1967 referendum. The boys have been identified as Victor Hookey (left) and Mark Anthony. When the Sydney Morning Herald tracked down Hookey 40 years later, he admitted the photo was staged: the boys weren’t found holding hands, but had been holding out their hands asking for money, after wagging school together. Sydney Morning Herald, 25 May 1967. Photo: George Lipman. Fairfax Syndication.