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Making Sense of Place: Exploring Concepts and Expressions of Place through Different Senses and Lenses

Book cover
Courtesy Ursula de Jong

Frank Vanclay, Matthew Higgins & Adam Blackshaw (eds)

ISBN 9781876944513
paperback, 340 pages
235mm x 172mm, colour
published May 2008
RRP A$29.95 (SOLD OUT)

Making Sense of Place explores place from myriad perspectives and through evocative encounters. The Great Barrier Reef is experienced through the sense of touch, Lake Mungo is encountered through sound and 'listening', and light is shed on the meaning of place for deaf people.

Case studies include the Maze prison in Northern Ireland, Inuit hunting grounds in Northern Canada, and the songlines of the Anangu people in Central Australia. Iconic landscapes, lookouts, buildings, gardens, suburbs, grieving places, the car as place — all provide contexts for experiencing and understanding 'place' and our 'sense of place'.