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Part one: Executive summary

'Alwalye', 1991, dot painting by Emily Kame Kngwarreye.
Alwalye, 1991, by Emily Kame Kngwarreye, synthetic polymer paint on canvas, 152.2 x 121.8 cm, from the collection of Simon and Julie Ford.


A recognised world-class museum exploring Australia's past, illuminating the present, imagining the future.


To promote an understanding of Australia's history and an awareness of future possibilities by:

  • developing, preserving and exhibiting a significant collection
  • taking a leadership role in research and scholarship
  • engaging and providing access for audiences nationally and internationally
  • delivering innovative programs.


The National Museum of Australia operates with the highest ethical standards. It embraces truth and the pursuit of knowledge for its own sake and recognises the importance of aesthetic considerations. The Museum acknowledges the contributions of all Australians to the country's historical development and accepts a fundamental requirement for fairness and equity in its activities. In operating within the framework established by such values, the National Museum of Australia:

  • develops and preserves the National Historical Collection
  • upholds scholarly and professional integrity
  • makes best use of its resources
  • values and is open-minded to new ideas
  • promotes continuous learning
  • strives to be innovative and creative
  • anticipates and responds to its diverse audience's needs.