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Defining Moments videos coming soon

4 Sep 18

New live-sketch animation series for school students

A series of short, animated videos for Australian history students will take us back in time to reconsider key people and events in our colonial history.

Inspired by Defining Moments in Australian History, the videos are written and narrated by David Hunt, author of Girt: The Unauthorised History of Australia. They are brought to life with live-sketch animation by Melbourne's Sketch Group. We’re looking forward to launching the free series next week.

  • a female illustrator sketches a cartoon
  • a female illustrator begins to sketch a cartoon
  • A camera set on a tripod films a female illustrator sketching a cartoon
  • a detailed shot of a hand gripping onto a pencil while sketching
  • a sketch

Fun and forgotten facts

Hunt’s irreverent storytelling uncovers forgotten facts and gives an updated perspective on events like the ‘mansplaining’ Edward Stirling taking leadership of the Women’s Suffrage League. Anecdotes about dummy-spitting politicians and a cameo from the well-known ‘democracy sausage’ illustrate the fun in the facts behind the introduction of the secret ballot.

The videos also have strong curriculum links to years 5 and 9 history. Stay tuned for a fresh and free look at five moments that have helped to shape Australia!

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