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Cultural heritage by season

30 Nov 16

New Encounters conference videos

'I feel my life in seasons, and thought I’d arrange these words in seasons as a farmer first'. These words from Zuni man, museum director and farmer Jim Enote resonate as we move from spring to summer in Australia.

The director of the A:shiwi A:wan Museum and Heritage Centre, New Mexico, United States, was a keynote speakers at the New Encounters conference at the National Museum in March 2016.

Jim reflected on his working life and how the flowering of current cultural heritage ideas and practices came from seeds planted many years ago.

Springtime – The sun grew higher and the warmth came again, and ideas sprouted faster than I could keep track of. From the autumn and winter experiences, I saw an opportunity to right many wrongs.

Setting the record straight on collections

Jim called for Indigenous communities and museums to work together to set the record straight on collections.

The importance of re-thinking relationships, re-connecting with cultural collections and re-imagining relationships with museums came through strongly at the conference.

Other speakers included David Garneau, Jennifer Kramer, June Oscar, Mat Trinca and Richard West Jr.
See more conference videos or download audio and transcripts.

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