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Seeking black swan memorabilia

6 Jun 17

The National Museum is seeking objects that help to tell a story about the adoption of the black swan to represent the state of Western Australia. The objects may feature in a new gallery on the environmental history of Australia, where one of the themes is the relationship that animal species have with people.

Ceramic plate with gold trim and an illustration of a black swan on a map of Western Australia
Western Australia Centenary commemorative plate. Photo: Jason McCarthy.

The Museum has a small collection of black swan-related objects, including the centenary commemorative plate (pictured).We would like to add to this collection.

We are interested in compelling objects that help to tell a broader story. This could include souvenirs, sporting uniforms, equipment, signs, flags, historic posters or advertising paraphernalia. Large objects such as billboards are especially welcome.

For more information and enquiries, please contact the Museum’s Duty Curator.

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