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Organisation chart

Director, Mathew Trinca


Executive Assistant to the Director, Belinda Nicholson

Public Affairs, Manager, Tracy Sutherland

Senior Indigenous Advisor, Margo Neale

Programs and Engagement Division, Acting Deputy Director, David Arnold

Communications and Marketing, Head, Karen Dempster

Development, Acting Manager, Catrina Vignando

Digital and Content Services, Head, George Dunford

Exhibition Projects and Interpretation, Manager, Rebecca Coronel

Learning Services and Community Outreach, Acting Head, Angela Casey/Heidi Pritchard

Visitor Services and Front of House, Head, Tina Brandt

Collections and Content Division, Deputy Director, Janda Gooding

Conservation, Head, Vicki Humphrey

Registration, Head, Sara Kelly

Curatorial and Research

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples, Head, Patricia Williamson

Australian Society and History, Acting Head, Michelle Hetherington/Sophie Jensen

Collections Unit, Head, Ian Coates

People and the Environment, Head, Kirsten Wehner

Research Centre (and Library), Head, Michael Pickering  

Operations Division, Acting Chief Operating Officer, Stephanie Bull

Finance, Acting Chief Finance Officer, Ian Campbell

Governance, Manager, Fiona Dalton

Human Resources, Manager, Anne Mayberry

Information Services and Assurance, Acting Chief Information Officer, Jac Carlin

People + Environment, Manager, Greer Gehrt

Retail Operations, Manager, Stephen Quinn