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Organisational structure

Updated 13 April 2016


Mathew Trinca

Executive Assistant to the Director, Belinda Nicholson

  • Directorate
    Senior Indigenous Advisor, Margo Neale
    Public Affairs, Manager, Tracy Sutherland
    Director's Liaison Officer, Joan Mayhew


Chief Operating Officer, Stephanie Bull

Executive Assistant, Kate Hatzis

  • Finance
    Chief Finance Officer (Acting), Ian Campbell
  • Facilities and Security
    Manager (Acting), Colin Maslen
  • Governance
    Manager, Fiona Dalton
    Legal Services, Manager, Belinda Carman
  • Human Resources
    Manager, Anne Mayberry
  • Information Services and Assurance
    Chief Information Officer, Mike Webb

Collections and Content

Deputy Director, Janda Gooding

Executive Assistant, Courtney Barker

  • Conservation
    Head, Vicki Humphrey
  • Registration
    Head, Sara Kelly
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples
    Head, Patricia Williamson
  • Australian Society and History
    Head, Suzanne Bravery
  • Collections
    Head, Ian Coates
  • People and the Environment
    Head, Kirsten Wehner
  • Research
    Head, Michael Pickering

Programs and Engagement

Deputy Director (Acting), David Arnold 

Executive Assistant, Courtney Barker

  • Digital and Content Services
    Head, George Dunford
  • Exhibition Projects and Interpretation
    Manager, Rebecca Coronel
  • Learning Services and Community Outreach
    Head (Acting), Angela Casey
  • Marketing and Partnerships
    Head, Karen Dempster

Visitor Services and Development

Associate Director, Ruth Wilson

Executive Assistant, Kate Hatzis

  • Development
    Head, Annalisa Millar
  • Visitor Services and Front of House
    Head, Tina Brandt
  • Retail Operations
    Manager, Stephen Quinn