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Organisation chart

Updated 12 June 2018


Director, Mathew Trinca

Deputy Director, Stephanie Bull

Executive Assistant to the Director, Kate Hatzis

Executive Officer, Carmen Johnson

Senior Indigenous Advisor, Margo Neale

Public Affairs Manager, Tracy Sutherland

Encounters Fellowships Manager, Carly Davenport


(Acting) Chief Operating Officer, Fiona Dalton

Executive Assistant, Helen Harkin

  • Finance
    Chief Finance Officer, Ian Campbell
  • Facilities and Security
    Manager, Mitch Cadden
  • Governance
    Manager, Fiona Dalton
    Legal Services, Manager, Belinda Carman
  • Human Resources
    Manager, Anne Mayberry
  • Information Technology
    Chief Information Officer, vacant
  • Property Projects and Design
    Manager, Greer Gehrt

Collections and Content

(Acting) Deputy Director, Ruth Wilson

Executive Assistant, Kayla Borman

  • Conservation
  • Registration
    Head, Sara Kelly
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples
    Head, Patricia Williamson
  • Australian Society and History
  • Collections Development Unit
  • People and the Environment
    (Acting) Head, Martha Sear
  • Research Centre
    Head, Michael Pickering
  • Endeavour 250 exhibition
    Project Leader, Ian Coates

Programs and Engagement

Deputy Director, David Arnold

Executive Assistant, Kayla Borman

  • Digital and Content Services
    Head, Rachel Newton
  • Exhibition Projects and Interpretation
    Manager, Vicki Northey
  • Learning Services and Community Outreach
  • Marketing and Partnerships
    (Acting) Head, Barbra Blain
  • Gallery Development
    Program Director, Katherine McMahon

Visitor Services and Development


Executive Assistant, Helen Harkin

  • Development
    Head, Annalisa Millar
  • Retail Operations
    Manager, Stephen Quinn
  • Tourism Development
    Head, Karen Dempster
  • Venues and Bookings
    Manager, Melinda Kibukamusoke
  • Visitor and Membership Services
    Head, Tina Brandt