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Copyright and Production Services

The Copyright and Production Services section of the Museum provides delivery of, and copyright clearance for, media assets (images and audiovisual material) to internal and external clients.

Activities of Copyright and Production Services include:

1. Sourcing pictures and audiovisuals for use within the Museum (for instance exhibitions, publications, schools programs, media campaigns)

Copyright and Production Services assists by locating media assets, negotiating the Museum's use of pictures and audiovisuals, and acquiring content material in an appropriate format. The section also arranges copyright and cultural clearances. Additionally, Copyright and Production Services assists Museum staff to search internal databases and clarifies any copyright or cultural clearance issues.

2. Sourcing National Museum of Australia pictures and audio-visuals material for external clients

Copyright and Production Services will supply external clients with pictures and audiovisual material where the Museum owns the copyright in the material. In doing so, Copyright and Production Services seeks to ensure that the Museum's copyright is correctly used and acknowledged. Copyright and Production Services also seeks to ensure that third party material held by the Museum are not unintentionally and erroneously released.

See the pricing schedule for a schedule of fees for external clients for the use of pictures and audiovisuals owned by the National Museum of Australia.

The Museum reserves the right to refuse to license or to limit any use of any licensed material. Where possible, all requests are processed within four weeks.

Requests for pictures and audiovisuals, permission and general queries about copyright should be directed to  or phone +61 2 6208 5150 detailing purpose and details of the material such as hyperlinks, publications or reference numbers. We aim to provide an initial reply within 14 working days.

3. Managing media assets

All pictures and audiovisual material are managed through our database. This allows Copyright and Production Services staff to catalogue digital media and acts as a central management database. Our database catalogue includes format, rights, usage, storage and other management metadata along with tracking usage and loans of content material.

Further information


Many photographs, especially those recently taken, are located at the Museum's Photography Section. The Photography Section has a large archive of photographs of Museum events, performances and shots of the Museum itself. Many of these images are not catalogued and Copyright and Production Services liaises with the Photography department to locate these images.

All enquiries about the Museum’s photographic collection should be directed to

Image acknowledgements

The Publishing department of the Museum has developed some standard guidelines when acknowledging and captioning images. This document is available under 'attachments' below.


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