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Program outline

Encounters Indigenous Cultural Workers Scholarships

The scholarship program runs over 12 weeks and is delivered in four stages in various locations in Canberra, the United Kingdom and the intern’s community.

Tailored for each intern’s focus area, the program allows participants to work with institutions and professionals in museum practices and arts development.

Stage 1: National Museum of Australia, Canberra

Three weeks

Topic areas:

  • Collections research
  • Exhibition development, design and delivery
  • Conservation and storage of cultural heritage materials
  • Media and use of digital technology
  • Professional development, eg media training, funding and grant writing, web, social media and marketing
  • Placements at other arts and cultural institutions in Canberra

Stage 2: Return to community

Two weeks

  • Report to community organisation: discussion and development of a project proposal based on scholarship focus and learnings
  • Program handbook work: preparation for UK visit

Stage 3: UK residencies and site visits

Three weeks

  • British Museum
  • The Prince’s School of Traditional Arts 
  • Site visits to arts and cultural institutions and universities holding major early Australian collections
  • Visits to regional museums

Stage 4: National Museum of Australia, Canberra

Three weeks

  • Program review: debrief and feedback
  • Visits to other cultural institutions
  • National Museum of Australia placements
  • Presentation of final reports on proposed projects.