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Students ask some surprising questions on Talkback Classroom ...

Prime Minister Howard : 'Why did you say you would be disappointed if your son was gay?'
Archbishop Peter Carnley : 'Would the world be a better place without religion?'
Mark Latham : 'How did it feel to join the conga line of suckholes to shake the President's hand?'

The next question is: What will they ask the Governor-General, Major-General Michael Jeffery, when he faces three of the nation's brightest young minds during a Talkback Classroom live interview at the National Museum of Australia this Wednesday?

This is the first time a Governor-General has been a guest on Talkback Classroom.

The nationally-selected panel of senior students set to quiz Major-General Jeffery is: Nadav Prawer, Leibler Yavneh College, Melbourne; Lucianne Tonti-Filippini, Siena College, Melbourne; and Michael Cordover, The Friends' School, Hobart.

WHAT: Michael Jeffery Talkback Classroom

WHEN: 10.30am, Wednesday, 22 September

WHERE: Studio, National Museum, Acton

Talkback Classroom, a joint National Museum and Parliamentary Education Office project, gives students media training and access to key politicians and public figures as part of the national civics curriculum.

Other guests this year include US ambassador Tom Schieffer in a live link with Washington students on 20 October.

The Talkback Classroom interview will be broadcast on ABC Radio National's Life Matters. Talkback Classroom can also be seen on the SBS TV program, School Torque.

For interviews, images or more information please contact public affairs director Martin Portus on 02 6208 5351, 0409 916 481 or

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