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Annual statements of expectations from the portfolio minister and statements of intent, in response from National Museum of Australia.

National Museum of Australia – 2017

Expectations for the National Museum of Australia in 2018–19 outlined by Senator The Hon Mitch Fifield, Deputy Leader of the Government in the Senate, Minister for Communications, Minister for the Arts

National Museum of Australia — 2018

The National Museum's response to the Minister's Statement of Expectations.

National Museum of Australia – 2017

Mr David Jones 
National Museum of Australia 
GPO Box 1901 

Dear David

I am writing to you to outline my expectations for the National Museum of Australia (NMA) for 2017–18. The allocation for the NMA in 2017–18 is $43.365 million. This includes $3.2 million from the Public Service Modernisation Fund.

Let me firstly acknowledge the achievements of the NMA in 2016–17, particularly the outstanding success of the History of the World in 100 Objects exhibition. I note that the exhibition is the most successful exhibition to be staged at the museum and this is testament to the efforts of the NMA to deliver world class exhibitions.

More broadly, I acknowledge the efforts of the Council in fostering a strong vision for the museum including clear and achievable objectives for its operations and consistent delivery of world class exhibitions.

I anticipate that during 2017–18 the NMA will continue to perform its core function of developing and maintaining a national collection of historical material. I would like to take this opportunity to outline some strategic priorities that I expect the NMA to focus on in 2017–18. These are:

  • Build on the success of the 100 Objects exhibition to pursue opportunities to grow private sector support and increase own-source revenue.
  • Continue to progress redevelopment of the permanent galleries at the NMA.
  • Deliver the Cultural and Corporate Shared Services Centre.
  • Consider opportunities for the NMA to contribute to the Government’s innovation agenda.
  • Contribute data on the sector and the agency’s performance to national reporting and planning, including through the next iterations of the artist survey and the audience participation survey.
  • Contribute to the Government’s diversity and inclusion objectives including Closing the Gap, through its programs, processes and council membership.
  • Continue to identify and implement operational efficiencies in line with our expectation that all departments and agencies assist the Government in achieving budget repair.
  • Contribute to the Government’s cultural diplomacy outcomes within existing resources and with particular focus on China, Singapore, India, Germany and Japan.

I note that many of these areas are already being actively progressed, and thank you for the considerable work you have already done to implement efficiencies and streamline operations. In particular I acknowledge the leadership role of the Museum in developing the Cultural and Corporate Shared Services Centre which will create longer term efficiencies by allowing the participating collecting institutions to focus resources on the delivery of core services and programs.

I encourage you to continue to work cooperatively with the Department of Communications and the Arts and other portfolio agencies in contributing to the Government’s policy settings. I also appreciate you alerting me to any significant events related to NMA activities or functions.

I intend to schedule an annual meeting with you and the Museum’s Director to discuss plans for the year. I suggest this could be held in advance of the next iteration of your Corporate Plan. This would provide a formal opportunity to discuss the Museum’s plans as well as Government priorities.

This Statement of Expectations and your corresponding Statement of Intent form an important component of the Museum’s governance framework. As such, I would expect both to be public documents. I have written in similar terms to all arts portfolio agencies, and have copied this letter to the Director of the NMA, Dr Mathew Trinca.

Thank you for your ongoing stewardship of the NMA. I wish you success in meeting your outcomes and objectives for 2017–18.

Yours sincerely,

Senator the Hon Mitch Fifield
Minister for Communications
Minister for the Arts
Manager of Government Business in the Senate
27 June 2017

National Museum of Australia – 2017

File No: 17/33

20 October 2017

Senator the Hon Mitch Fifield
Minister for the Arts
Minister for Communications
Parliament House
Canberra 2600

Dear Minister

Thank you for meeting with Dr Mathew Trinca and myself on 31 August 2017 to discuss the intentions of the National Museum of Australia (NMA) in meeting your expectations of the institution over the course of the 2017–18 financial year.

I would like to reiterate our appreciation of your ongoing and continued support of NMA. The Museum’s Council and Staff are very grateful for your assistance and advocacy on their behalf and for the Government’s funding commitment to the organisation to enable it to fulfil its mission.

The NMA’s functions are set out in its enabling legislation, the National Museum of Australia Act 1980. Our purpose is to bring to life the rich and diverse stories of Australia, by:

  • developing, preserving, digitising and exhibiting a significant national collection;
  • taking a leadership role in research and scholarship;
  • engaging and providing access for audiences nationally and internationally; and
  • delivering innovative programs.

The NMA endeavours to make the most advantageous use of the national collection in the national interest. The Museum brings to life the rich and diverse stories of Australia through strong engagement with the nation’s varied communities and traditions.

Relationship with the Minister and the Department

The NMA will keep the Minister informed with accurate and timely advice on significant issues in its core area of business. The NMA will continue to engage closely with the Minister and the Department of Communications and the Arts: to deliver on the Government’s Modernisation and Innovation agenda; to provide qualitative and quantitative data for the development and reporting of key performance information for the NMA and the broader sector; and to maximise opportunities to contribute to other Government policy settings.

Delivering on the Government’s Modernisation and Innovation Agenda

The NMA is grateful for the additional Government funding of $2.29 million over the current and next two financial years that will enable the NMA to transform elements of its business to keep pace with technological developments and reach more Australians across the country. In particular, we believe this additional expenditure will help the NMA reach new audiences in regional and remote areas through our online services and travelling and touring programs.

Moreover, the injection of $8.9 million over three years to establish a Cultural and Corporate Shared Services Centre will allow the NMA to provide shared corporate and business services functions to other collecting institutions. In particular, it will ensure that we collectively can consolidate our information technology support services, and ensure our operations are efficient and cost-effective. We are committed to delivering the first stage of this program in 2017–18.

Delivery of core functions and strategic objectives for the year ahead

In response to your statement of expectations, I can assure you that the NMA will pursue the following strategies and activities in FY 2017–18, to drive visitation and audience engagement:

  • Delivering two major capital projects over the course of the financial year (redevelopment of the Main Hall and Forecourt renewal) that will transform the visitor experience of the NMA;
  • Bringing the stories of Australia to life through innovative exhibitions and programs, including the opening of the major exhibition Songlines: Tracking the Seven Sisters; and creation of digital education resources and experiences, and participatory programs;
  • Expanding digital access to the National Historical Collection to enable access through online engagement, and upgrading wireless infrastructure to provide improved performance, analytics and location services within the Museum to support digital and social media technologies for enhanced visitor experience;
  • Pursuing innovative and creative opportunities for visitor engagement and growth, building own-source revenue and fostering sustainable partnerships within the philanthropic, business and cultural sectors for shared benefit;
  • Contributing to the Government’s cultural diplomacy outcomes through our international exhibition touring program and support of key international partnerships, such as the tour of the Indigenous exhibition Old Masters: Australia’s Great Bark Artists to China, partnering with the South Australian Museum to tour Yidaki: Didjeridu and the Sound of Australia to Japan, and supporting a range of arts and cultural activities recommended by the Australia-Singapore Arts Group;
  • Developing a Master Plan to guide the NMA’s future to 2030. The draft Master Plan dovetails into the Acton Peninsula Precinct Draft Structure Plan to outline possible futures for the Peninsula;
  • Contributing to the Government’s diversity and inclusion objectives through ongoing consultation and implementation of the NMA’s Diversity Action Plan and Reconciliation Action Plan;
  • Managing an active research and scholarship program that underpins the Museum’s programs through public debate and engagement. including the Defining Moments in Australian History project, the Encounters Indigenous Cultural Workers Scholarship program, and active participation in key conferences and symposia.

In each of these pursuits, the NMA recognises the need to manage its human and financial resources effectively through coordinated planning, benchmarking and performance measurement. In 2017–18 the NMA will continue to build corporate, commercial and evaluation skills across the organisation, to contribute to audience and revenue growth.

I look forward to the opportunity of discussing these activities and plans with you when we next meet, and feel confident that the NMA has an outstanding year of achievement ahead.

Yours faithfully,

Mr David Jones
Chair of Council

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