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Performance criteria and targets are also specified in the Museum’s Portfolio Budget Statements (PBS). The Museum measures its performance against these criteria using a range of assessment methods, including visitation numbers, visitor surveys and feedback, social media statistics, and data collation generated from collection management sources.

Visitor interactions  
Total number of visits to the organisation 771,029 1,257,573
Total number of visits to the organisation’s website 1,390,000 1,789,525
Total number of onsite visits by students as part of an organised educational group 91,050 81,854
Participation in public and school programs  
Number of people participating in public programs 37,000 74,352
Number of students participating in school programs 92,050 83,591
Quantity of school learning programs delivered  
Number of organised programs delivered onsite 1610 1508
Number of program packages available online 6 6
Number of educational institutions participating in organised school learning programs 1620 1531
Visitor satisfaction  
Percentage of visitors who were satisfied or very satisfied with their visit 95% 96%
Program survey rating (by teachers)  
Percentage of teachers reporting overall positive experience 95% 99%
Percentage of teachers reporting relevance to the classroom curriculum 95% 99%
Expenditure mix  
Expenditure on collection development (as a % of total expenditure) 14% 14%
Expenditure on other capital items (as a % of total expenditure) 17% 11%
Expenditure on other (i.e. non-collection development) labour costs (as a % of total expenditure) 30% 32%
Other expenses (as a % of total expenditure) 42% 43%
Collection management and access  
Number of acquisitions (made in the reporting period) 650 686
Total number of objects accessioned (in the reporting period) 750 1349
% of the total collection available to the public 49% 48.31%
% of the total collection available to the public online 44% 44.75%
% of the total collection available to the public on display 4% 3.27%
% of the total collection available to the public on tour 1% 0.29%
% of the total collection digitised 88% 86.42%
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