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Appendix 8: Freedom of information

Freedom of information procedures and initial contact points

Enquiries concerning the procedures for seeking information from the Museum under the Freedom of Information Act 1982 may be made in writing or by telephone to:

FOI Coordinator
National Museum of Australia
GPO Box 1901

Telephone: (02) 6208 5131


The Director and Assistant Directors are the authorised decision-makers under the Act.

Categories of documents

The Museum holds minutes, reports and submissions associated with Council and its committees; general records, including correspondence, reports and minutes of internal meetings in relation to the activities and functions of the organisation; administrative documents such as management, staffing, finance and personnel records; and documentation relating to the Museum's collections. Some educational material and general publications are available for purchase by the public. Documents made available to the public free of charge include descriptive brochures about the Museum's public programs and a range of material which is published on the Museum's website.

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