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Inward loans extended between 1 July 2009 and 30 June 2010

Australian Aviation Museum: Red Cross Air Queen Competition framed poster for display in the Eternity gallery.

Bonney, Roseanne: Greek amphora, map of Greece, painting of Greek hero Jason, and painting of Icarus, and Greek icon for display in the Australian Journeys gallery.

Brown, Tony: two surfboards, three sarongs, hooded jumper, skirt, fabric swatch, audio record and cover for display in the Australian Journeys gallery.

Burgman, Albert: wine bottle for display in the Old New Land gallery.

Cairns Regional Gallery: rain dance dhibal dance headdress and Wene Wenel Gaugau Mawa headdress for display in the Gallery of First Australians.

City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder: 1905 silver trophy model of pipeline and gantries for display in the Eternity gallery. Cowra Shire Council: soup spoon and dessert spoon for display in the Australian Journeys gallery.

Dakiz, Frida: coat dress with hood and head scarf for display in the Eternity gallery.

Hamm, Charles: baby's suit bonnet, jacket and trousers for display in the Eternity gallery.

Hay Gaol Museum: samples of district wool for display in the Australian Journeys gallery.

Henderson, Mark: firestick sculpture and stand for display in the Gallery of First Australians.

Holt, Nicholas: porthole salvaged from shipwreck for display in the Eternity gallery.

Horak, Olga: Exodus (1965), sculpture by Olga Horak for display in the Eternity gallery.

Kaus, David: resin for display in the Gallery of First Australians.

Kee, Jenny: handmade padded cushion-style doll for display in the Eternity gallery.

Lee, Ben: acoustic guitar and guitar case for display in the Eternity gallery.

Macleay Museum: William Saville-Kent plaster fish model for display in the Eternity gallery.

McGrath, Victor: turtle shell mask for display in the Gallery of First Australians.

Martin, Jesse: personal journal for display in the Eternity gallery.

Melito-Russell, Marie: Bible Stories book for display in the Gallery of First Australians.

Museum Victoria: thylacine specimen skin for display in the Old New Land gallery.

National Library of Ireland: address presented to William Smith O'Brien, and journal of William Smith O'Brien for display in the Australian Journeys gallery.

Nguyen, Minh Tam: acoustic guitar and bag for display in the Australian Journeys gallery.

O'Connor, Dr Sue: two pollen samples, three field notebooks owned by Gurdup Singh, and a pollen trap for display in the Old New Land gallery.

Powerhouse Museum: cochlear implant, speech processor and accessories for display in the Eternity gallery.

South Australian Museum: toa titled 'Kujumokuna — penis bone (Dreaming ancestor or Muramura)' for display in the Old New Land gallery.

State Library of New South Wales: seven coins, silver tea and coffee service, and painting of Edward Hargraves for display in the Australian Journeys gallery.

Western Australian Museum: thylacine skull for display in the Old New Land gallery.


Australian Rugby League: supporters' flags; trophies, including the Optus Cup, International XXXX Trophy, World Championship 1975 Trophy, Silver 1928 Ashes Cup, 1935 Courtney Trans Tasman Cup, Winfield Cup, Prime Minister's Cup, Courtney International Trophy, International Rugby League Football Australia vs. France, the Ashes, Sydney 1951 trophy; medallions and awards including the Rothmans Medal, medals presented to Dally Messenger in 1905 and 1912, plaque for medal presented to Dally Messenger, French Rugby Football League medallion, H Flegg SSU Trustee Life Member medallion, New South Wales Leagues Club life member medallion, H Flegg NSW Leagues' Club President medallion from 1937, New South Wales Leagues Club 1959 Director medallion, England vs. Australia badge 1920, New South Wales Rugby Football League life member medallion 1913; caps, including Eastern Suburbs 1908, New South Wales Rugby Football League City Cup 1916, NSWRFL 1908–09, SUALFC 1922, Australian rugby league 1914–1920, Australian Rugby Union representative cap 1905; football, including ball signed by Tina Turner; Steeden football from State of Origin, 1996 and football from Australasia vs. Wakefield Trinity 1921; 1945 football boots; 1950s headgear; publications, including the New South Wales Rugby Football League By-Laws and Rules 1908, Northern Rugby Football Union Guide 1907–08, EE Christensen's Official Rugby League Year Book 1947 and 1955; poster promoting the New Zealand rugby league tour of England in 1908; newspaper clippings; photographs of the New Zealand tour of Australia 1948, Army Ambulance 1915, British team tour 1946, Sydney Cricket Ground Australia vs. France 1951, NSWRL Club Board of Directors 1918, Management Committee Rugby Football League 1914–15, Jersey Flegg; jerseys, including Queensland State of Origin jersey attributed to Arthur Beetson 1980, NSW State of Origin jersey attributed to Tommy Raudonikis 1980, JJ Giltinan's NSW rugby football league Australian Pioneer blazer 1907, JJ Giltinan Australian rugby league jersey 1908, Dave Brown's NSW rugby league jersey 1931.

Courtney, Howard: Tedda Courtney's 1908–09 Australasian cap and 1929 Western Suburbs Rugby League Football Club cap.

Cronulla Sutherland Sharks Rugby League Club: AMCO Cup.

Fahey, Patricia: photograph of William Fahey and handwritten letter authored by him.

Kemp, Col: Tedda Courtney's 1910 Australasian Rugby League Football cap.

Menzies, Steve: Steve Menzies' headgear.

Tonna, George: jerseys from the Maltese Knights, Russian Bears, USA Patriots, Tonga, Lebanon, Redfern and Mount Druitt, and South Sydney rugby league teams.

Tumut Rugby League Club: animal bells; cymbals; Tumut Rugby League Club Premier's football; blazer pockets for Maher Cup holders 1955,Tumut RLFC champions 1935,Southern Districts vs. England 1936, Maher Cup holders 1946, TRGRL Premiers 1930, Premiers 1930; badges for Premiers 1930; Maher Cup.

New inward loans between 1 July 2009 and 30 June 2010

Australian War Memorial: nominal roll commemorative banner of 2/2 Casualty Clearing Station for display in the Eternity gallery.

Powerhouse Museum: Annette Kellermann costume and influenza emergency worker identity badge for display in the Eternity gallery.

Royal Geographical Society of South Australia: slab of Stuart's tree for display in the Eternity gallery.

Sharp, Judy: artwork titled Beach Balls for display in the Eternity gallery.

Winch, Joan: Sasakawa Health Prize statuette for display in the Eternity gallery.


Australian Museum: pelican, straw necked ibis, grey teal, fat-tailed dunnart and kowari specimens.

CSIRO: desert oak, spinifex, mulga, acacia, Sturt's desert pea and bloodwood specimens.

Queensland Museum: kangaroo skin waterbag.


Bartram, Geoff: climbing camp gear, including a tent and fly, stove, pots, bowls, cutlery, mugs, two sleeping bags, sleeping mat, rope, ice axe, hammer, pair of crampons, two ice screws, pair of boots, four carabiners, four snow stakes, harness, oxygen bottle, mask, head torch, pack, pair of skis and helmet.


Bassett-Smith, Peter and Diana: Bolex film camera, case and accessories.


Barker, June: emu egg with carved portrait of Bill Ferguson.

Barry, Harriet: Jack Horner's address book, Jean Horner's sewing, embroidery and patchwork kit.

Bruhn, Adam: Doug Nichols cigarette card.

Kondek, Tony: dictionary belonging to Fred Maynard.

Mackay, Belinda: Lady Jessie Street's amber necklace.

Moriarty, John: child's dressing gown.

Paisley, Dr Fiona: diaries belonging to Anthony Martin Fernando.

Perkins, Eileen: Charles Perkins' university degree (facsimile).

Rind, Jerry: Jerry Rind's Nikon camera, lens and case.

Roberts, Elizabeth: Mary Bennett's passport.

State Library of Queensland: suitcase belonging to Lambert McBride.


Archives of the Australian Province of the Marist Fathers: Poor registers from The Rocks 1870s–90s.

Berry Museum: Orange Lodge sash and case, and sandstone grave headstone.

Carlisle, Les: Laurence Halloran school medallion.

Dunne, Claire: Order of Australia medal, actor's chair cover from film set, identity tag and T-shirt from radio station 2EA.

Egan, Ted: Golden Guitar award and performance poster.

Embassy of the Republic of Ireland: visitors book from Irish embassy, Canberra.

Folger, Marilyn: Pardon document.

Gillen, Jack: crystal whisky decanter.

Irish Echo, NSW: first issue of Irish Exile newspaper.

Kennedy, Sister Marnie: Father Ted Kennedy's ceramic cross, shillelagh and Wild Goose Studio cross.

Loreto Centre: orrery (scientific equipment) from Loreto College, Ballarat.

Loreto College: pencil box, school hat and St Patrick's Day commemorative badge.

The Mercy Heritage Centre: commemorative medal.

Migration Museum: textile sampler produced in Kilrea National School.

National Library of Australia: music book, portrait photograph, Surgeon White's journal, two scrapbooks, The Chronicles of Early Melbourne book, wig, watercolour painting, letter, manuscript, children's book and book of verses.

Parker, Michael: prayer book, hurling stick and manuscript with poem.

Perry, Rose Marie: Margaret Hurley's trunk from Galway Workhouse.

Sisters of Mercy: mother-of-pearl cross.

South Australian Museum: Daisy Bates's gabardine suit, Central Australian Aboriginal forehead band and fighting pick, MacDonnell Ranges necklet with peragale tail pendant, and Yandruwandhu Aboriginal breastplate.

State Library of South Australia: sketch of Lola Montez, Gillen's 1901–02 journal, and illuminated address.

Von Stieglitz, David: sketchbook, photograph album and prayer book.

Western Australian Museum: pocket compass used by Durack brothers.

Will, Wilma: jail diary and photograph of William Joseph Fegan and fellow Irish Rebels internees.

Winter-Cooke, Marcus: books, Murndal wool bale stencil, antlers of extinct Irish elk, laundry table and travelling library trunk.


The Big Issue: Homeless World Cup 2008 T-shirt, National Street Soccer Championships 2008 medal, and Manchester United players signed soccer ball.

Football Federation Australia: Indigenous Football Festival 2009 participation medal.

Minniecon, Kim: sports shirt worn in 2009 FIFA U-20 World Cup.

Salisbury, Cheryl: sports shirt worn in 2007 FIFA Women's World Cup and football boots.

Simon, Kyah: Young Footballer of the Year trophy.

Williams, Harry: sports shirt worn in 1974 World Cup.


Adams, Gwendolyn: 1865 sketch of 'Leighlands', Tasmania.

Archer, Eric: Sunshine Harvester poster.

Ayton, John: gold watch, cufflinks and Sunshine Harvester seat and stand.

Bathurst District Historical Society: Evans Shire presidential chain and 10 stone flakes.

Bendigo Historical Society: gold washing cradle, windlass, gold buyer's sign, illuminated address and windlass kibble bucket.

Bendigo Pottery Museum: sewer pipe mould made by Bendigo Pottery. Berry, Angela: Jeannie Gunn's writing desk, three coins, tablecloth, envelope, note and safety pin.

Blaxland, Daryl: two bricks from Fordwich House.

Brayshaw, Steve: concept design model of new Adaminaby town.

Buick, Mary: journal article, clover leaf painting, agricultural medal, gate sign, cobalt pellets and grinders, and book.

Casselden, Geoff: military issue Brown Bess musket.

Central Deborah Gold Mine, the Bendigo Trust: shovel, two pick heads, gold pan, miner's wheelbarrow, miner's gad, cedar sign and four miner's taps.

Copping Colonial and Convict Museum: two pick heads used for quarrying stone.

Dawson, Victor: qualifying certificate.

Deane, Kate: sheet music for LC5 Waltz.

Department for Environment and Heritage, South Australia: section of stockade from Burke's camp 65 at Cooper Creek.

Derham, Dr Harry: Jeannie Gunn's diary and Order of the British Empire medal, rasp hatchet hand axe and spearhead.

Emanuel, Timothy: portrait of Isadore Emanuel.

Ford, Frank: square headed spanner and two bricks.

Fotheringham, Doug: eight school books.

Fuhlbohm, Helen: children's project book, Sunday school bible, dictionary, atlas, two geography and domestic arts textbooks.

Golden Dragon Museum, Bendigo: embroidered jacket and pantaloons from Chinese Princess costume, processional hat with lion motif, and processional shoes with pom-poms.

Grenfell Historical Society: set of gold scales and accompanying set of nine weights, and hand-drawn diagrams of layout of Grenfell gold mines.

Handcock, Jennifer: six school report cards from 1960s.

Hately, James: pocket watch.

Hawkins, Ralph: crowbar, spade, two axe heads, two rake heads, two hoe heads, scarifier, bale hook, two pitchforks, convict shackles and iron rake.

Henty, Richmond: tea caddy and Westwood silver mounted pocket pistol.

Henty, Ross: Richmond Henty's autobiography Australiana, or My Early Life.

Hunt, Robin: Sunshine Masonic Lodge bible.

Ivanyi, Ernie: slide ruler, two set squares, drafting brush, Serbian graduation certificate and drafting ruler.

Jorgensen, Keith: medallion awarded by the National Agricultural and Industrial Association of Queensland.

Kennedy, David and Anne: ceramic basin, water jug, kerosene glass lamp and glass bottle.

Kerrigan, Michael: Old Adaminaby objects including earring, toy tree, toy cat, toy horse, toy cow, tin whistle, Adaminaby Football Club badge and rusty gun.

Koning, Theo: dog sculptures, sketchbooks and painting.

Lane, Peter: wax impression of Robert O'Hara Burke, Wesleyan Sunday School Parramatta medal, Burke and Wills silver medal and bronze medal, foundation plaque from Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, two communion tokens, and a convict bible.

Lee, John: General Motors Institute pennant, gold tiepin, drafting brush, and five pairs of cufflinks with Vauxhall logo, Statesman logo, General Motors service logo, Kingswood lion logo and RTS logo.

Lewis, Catherine: We of the Never Never book.

McNaught, Pip: hat, sunglasses and water bottle used at Cooper Creek.

McRae, Alan: breastplate of 'Jacob, King of Bathurst'.

Maple-Brown, Jim: Order of Australia medal.

Marshall, Betty: two laundry irons, three golf clubs, and portrait photograph.

Mary MacKillop Place: wooden crucifix, dolor beads with attached medal and white handkerchief.

Mawson, Rob: military medal, wedding photograph, christening gown, bowl and lead rope.

Miles, Greg: binoculars and case, and 2009 Melbourne Cup race program.

Narryna Heritage Museum: plaster death mask of Reverend Robert Knopwood.

Nason, Rebecca: red felt hat.

National Parks and Wildlife Service of NSW: pottery shards, two convict bricks, seven convict nails and wine bottle.

National Trust, Robe Branch: illuminated address presented to FD Hodge.

Nelson, Dawn: 007 Club drinking mug and basketball club trophy.

Oakman, Daniel: pair of clapsticks, pair of salt and pepper shakers, and six photographic postcards.

O'Hoy, Dennis: framed photograph, three porcelain steaming jars, three glazed stoneware jars, two Chinese herb scales and four testimonials.

Parramatta Heritage Centre: laundry dolly, four marbles, slate pencils and writing slates.

The Passionists: handwritten lecture notes titled 'Ten years in the bush' by Julian Tenison Woods.

Phillips, Bruce: bottle of Bundaberg rum with accompanying Brisbane Stock Exchange Centenary 1884–1984 box.

Pidgeon, Peter: six Australian Women's Weekly magazines from the 1950s.

Port Macquarie Historical Society: watercolour sketchbook, photographic portrait and two diaries.

Pound, Frank: silver-plated wristwatch, tie pin with General Motors Institute logo, General Motors Holden's People magazine from September 1952, and General Motors Safety Award lapel pin.

Radio Sport 927: telescopic microphone stand, microphone logo, race caller swivel, Sennheiser microphone, lead and mount, broadcast amplifier and telephone lead.

Robe District Council: temperance pledge book, Local Board of Advice letter book and Robe Institute seal.

Robe Primary School: school bell, three banners, uniform jacket, textbook, two exercise books, two school roll books, blackboard ruler, education program, examination register, punishment book, school administration register, report card and two Inspector's registers.

Robinson, Hugh: altimeter and pocket compass.

Royal Automobile Club of Victoria: Stephen Henty's silver cup, telescope, hat and hat case.

Russell, Roslyn: 1925 book titled The White Man in the Tropics.

Scott, Bill: gold 'GM Safety Award' lapel pin, pair of cufflinks with gold Holden lion logo and tie pin with Holden logo.

Sheridan, Margaret: photograph album, thermometer and child's toy puzzle.

Sinclair, Col: brick with stamped letter and corroded cooking pot.

Solomon, Vic: identification plate from Sydney tram.

Spork, Beryl: military medal, brace and bit woodworking tools and oil lamp.

State Library of Queensland: Breastplate presented to 'Barney/Cobarro/Cobbiberry'.

Sunshine and District Historical Society: Sunshine Harvester Works factory steam whistle, three blacksmiths tongs and Sunshine Technical School Council Minute Book.

Tanham, Peter: Golden Shield medallion, 2004 Rottnest Channel Swim cap and Rottnest Island Channel Swim Association plaque.

Tate, Robert and Ann: side-saddle and riding whip owned by Jeannie Gunn.

Thurtell, Mark: door catcher, powder flasks, matchbox, police belt buckle, police uniform button, A Toogood's token, Holloway's Pills and Ointments token, two keg taps and a gold wedding ring.

University of Tasmania Library: diary of Reverend Robert Knopwood 1805–08.

Victoria Police Museum: Chinese ticket stub book 1858–59. Victoria Racing Club: map of Flemington racecourse.

Vizents, Patsy: tea strainer from Rottnest Island.

Voller, Margaret: silver thimble, serving spoon, opera glasses, stud container, sugar tongs and dilly bag.

Wagga Wagga Agricultural Institute: polarimeter.

Westpac Historical Services: Australian Joint Stock Bank (Grenfell) Current Account Ledger 1866–68.

White, Bruce: Gallipoli shrapnel, scarf, tin with six badges, trophy and Turkish finger ring.

YouthNow: chair from Sunshine Harvester Works boardroom.


Flinders University Art Museum: Uta Uta Tjangala paint tin.


Battye Library, State Library of Western Australia: copy of the 1908 Royal Commission to Inquire into the Treatment of Aboriginal Natives by the Canning Exploration Party.

Caruana, Wally: painting titled Kurtal and Kaningarra, by Tommy May.

FORM Contemporary Craft and Design Inc.: three baskets made by Nancy Taylor, two baskets made by Kumpaya Girgaba, basket made by Ngamaru Bidu and painting by Jewess James.

Hills, Euan – Art Mob: artwork titled Majakarr by Paruku George Wallaby.

Holmes à Court Collection: painting titled Canning Stock Route by Rover Thomas, painting titled Kulilli by Wimmitji Tjapangarti, and painting titled Kurtal as Miltijaru by David Downs.

Kanyirninpa Jukurrpa: The Martu History & Archive Project: metal coolamon.

Lagerburg, Jo: painting titled Kukapanyu by Stumpy Brown.

Laverty, Dr Colin: painting titled Kiriwirri by Nada Rawlins, and painting titled Wirnpa by Harry Bullen.

Lawford, Mayarn Julia: hair and ochre string by Mayarn Julia Lawford and Putuparri Tom Lawford.

Newman Visitors Centre: Canning Stock Route well bucket.

Paruku IPA: painting titled Paruku by Veronica Lulu, Bessie Doonday, Anna Johns, Wendy Wise, Shirley Brown, Chamia Samuels, Lyn Manson, Daisy Kungah and Kim Mahood.

Rawa Community School: artwork by students at Rawa Community School.

South Australian Museum: two head pads, tin pendant, bark sandals, coolamon, spear thrower and shield.

Warlayirti Artists: painting titled Winpurpula by Christine Yukenbarri.