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Outcome achievements

The National Museum of Australia is responsible for delivering on the following outcome:

Australians have access to the National Museum's collections and public programs to encourage awareness and understanding of Australia's history and cultures.

The following table indicates how the Museum delivered on this outcome in 2005–06:

Relevance of acquisitions

Proportion of acquisitions acquired in accordance with Collections Development Framework

Target: 100%

Actual: 100%

Accessibility of National Historical Collection

Proportion of the collection that is available for exhibition, public programs and research

Target: 50%

Actual: 50%

Extent to which awareness and understanding are increased of Australia's history and culture

Proportion of visitors and users who indicated the Museum's exhibitions and public programs have contributed a new or different awareness or perspective on Australia's history or culture

Target: 75%

Actual: 76%

Access to exhibitions and programs

Number of visitors or users of Museum's exhibitions or programs (excluding web)

Target: 600,000

Actual: 771,000

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